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Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees 2017-18

Tuition is $160 per semester hour
  • Kindergarten is not broken down by hour: $3,500 per year, not including fees.
  • One semester hour is a class which meets one period a week

TOTAL tuition will vary for individual students based on the number of hours or courses for which a student registers. See examples below:

  • 4th grade science is a two semester hour course meeting for one period each Tuesday & Thursday at a cost of $320 per semester. A full load of elementary classes is 14 hours (Math, English, Science, History, & Electives) meeting T-TH at a cost of $2,240 each semester, not including fees.

  • A full load of secondary classes is 18-21 hours (Math, English, History, Science, & Electives) M-W-F at a cost of $2,880-$3,360 each semester, not including fees.

Tuition is due on May 1 (for families registered prior to May 1)
Monthly payment plans are available.

Application/Placement Fee: $150
This is a nonrefundable fee unless a student is not accepted to Cornerstone.

Registration Fee: See below for fees
This is a nonrefundable fee.

Special Fees

Yearly Registration Fee

$200 ($500 family cap)

$300 per student Late Registration ($750 cap)

Yearly Activity Fee, which includes:

$100 (K-6)/$200 (7-12)

  • Yearbook
  • Chapels
  • T-shirts
  • Activities & Clubs
  • Grades 7-12 retreat
  • Insurance
  • Competitions
  • Student entry to all home games

Standardized Testing Fee$50 (Grades 3-11)
Study Hall (Per Semester)$80
Math Study Hall (per semester hour)$110
Material Fees/Lab Fee (per year)$50-$200
Schedule Change Fee$25
Late Payment Fee (after 10th) or NSF Fee$25

Athletic Fees

Extracurricular Sports (7-12)$350-$550
Intramurals of Off Season Training$150+
Secondary Fees

Dual Enrollment Fee

$150 or regular class charge

Senior/Graduation Fee


CVA Administration Fee per class


AP Course Fee (per year)


High School IMPACT

Trip costs begin around $300. International trips can cost $1,900 or more.

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