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Character Development

Cornerstone Prep uses several avenues to foster spiritual growth and godly character development among its families.

First, because Cornerstone is a University-Model® Christian school, parent involvement is essential and includes a vital spiritual element. Therefore, as a condition of acceptance to the school, the parents of each student applying for admission must be in agreement with the school's doctrinal position. Admissions screening is a vital part of ensuring future character development within each family.

Cornerstone wants to keep parents confident, competent, encouraged, and involved with their children. We will strive to continually look for meaningful ways to help parents become better equipped and knowledgeable through seminars, suggested reading materials, and by having staff available for consultation.

Second, Cornerstone will be proactive with instruction in godly character and those traits exhibited by maturing young men and women. Classroom teachers will strive to tie the daily curriculum with instruction in daily living and partner with parents to reinforce these while at home and school.

Third, while students are at school, Cornerstone understands that parents have entrusted the school to provide things such as order, respect, safety, proper supervision, academic honesty, and a uniform dress code.

The Uniform Code, the Student Code of Conduct, and the Student Discipline Policies are designed to communicate clearly to families and students the school's expectations while students are at school or school-sponsored events. These policies will be administered from a character growth point of view, which include accountability, restitution, and reconciliation.