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Cornerstone Culture

What makes the Cornerstone Prep Culture Distinct?

Every organization has its own culture, and it is important that you understand what makes each organization's culture unique. Here at Cornerstone Prep, we have some things that make our school unique, not the least is our University-Model®.

Cornerstone Culture Image

Culture is consistent, observable patterns of behavior in organizations. Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do.”

Culture is what makes us uniquely Cornerstone and it starts with our mission statement:

Partnering with parents to build within their children a firm foundation of academic excellence and Christian discipleship. Everyone here, administrators, teachers, assistants, coaches, cleaning, other staff, and every parent is committed to one purpose: The student!
--Pastor Nolan

As we have moved into our new campus, we have brought some traditions with us and we have begun new ones. One of the student's favorites, DAYL or Dress As You Like Days, has remained. These "free dress" days that are sprinkled throughout the calendar year are a true highlight for all our students and staff. That is an example of something fun and silly that helps create our culture.

But our true culture is made up of something much deeper. Pastor Nolan spoke to our parents and staff about our unique Cornerstone Culture as the 2016-17 school year began. We've shared his remarks below:

If we had a picture that depicted our mission statement it would be this; a stack of subject books with the Holy Bible on top. Jesus is the cornerstone of all we do here and it is His guidance, leadership, and grace that makes us so distinct.

We are distinct in many different ways. Our University-Model® sets us apart from all other schools in our community. Our fully accredited, university schedule allows our teachers and parents to work together as we strive for academic excellence in each of our students. Our model allows us to be creative as we collaborate with our families to create the most beneficial school experience that prepares students for the future while allowing students more time to pursue their passions in a safe and loving community.

The unity that exists here is also what makes us distinct. Everyone here: Administrators, teachers, assistants, coaches, stewards, staff, and every parent is committed to one purpose: The student! It’s the love for the student that creates our culture.

We all have the same common goal and that is to see every student leave this place with the knowledge and leadership skills necessary to succeed in college and with a biblical worldview that creates champions of God’s Word. Every student fulfilling their purpose by cultivating a real relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our calling here at Cornerstone is to see that every student is placed in a position to never have an excuse. In all that we do from rules to retreats, curriculum to chapel, and homework to home runs we must be intentional. We are fighting an evil adversary for these precious souls, and we have a great responsibility, but we serve an amazing God! We are distinct because we have chosen to be rooted in Jesus Christ and in Him, all things are possible!