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Continuous Improvements

At the recent annual State of the School meeting, parents were reminded of the 2019-20 theme, Forward, and the supporting verse, "Look straight ahead and fix your eyes on what lies before you," Proverbs 4:25. Even as we look forward, we acknowledge the many ways that God has blessed Cornerstone Prep in its first 16 years.

In January 2017, Mrs. Borders shared the Vision 2020 long-range strategic plan - the first since moving into our permanent home at 3588 Hickory Grove Road. In school accreditation terms, a school's improvement plan is entitled a Continuous Improvement Plan. While such a plan has specific identified long-range initiatives, a Continuous Improvement Plan is also fluid, requiring annual review, update, and the addition of timely initiatives. Cornerstone's administrative planning team and board took this approach to the Vision 2020 plan, so even as we are reaching the defined date signaling the end of that plan, we continue to look forward.

While God has blessed in allowing us to accomplish a number of initiatives from the 2020 plan, some items remain in the "dream" or "Lord willing, someday" category and will be carried over to the continuous improvement plan that we look forward to unveiling at this time next year.

In the planning process, it is a non-negotiable for Cornerstone Prep, as a school in such a strong partnership model with parents, that we have the pulse of our stakeholders - that is our parents, students, and staff. Thanks to the members of our Cornerstone family who consistently attend parent meetings, coaches meetings, staff meetings, and respond to our surveys.

Our Cornerstone students also bring the unique perspective of their experience. Mrs. Niswonger, secondary principal, has scheduled several opportunities for secondary students to join her during lunch times in the coming weeks. Students are invited to share whatever might be on their hearts. As we begin this next school improvement planning cycle, your survey responses and input received from parent, staff, and student meetings are reviewed, digested, taken to heart, and viewed in light of Cornerstone's mission and purpose. YOU help shape our future.

We are challenged to look backward AND forward: looking backward as we remember God's blessings and faithfulness as exhibited through the obedient men and women who pioneered the educational ministry at Cornerstone, and looking forward with plans to continue school progress while remaining true to our mission and purpose. In this backward and forward view, Psalm 127:1 comes to mind, "Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman keeps awake in vain."

As a wise school administrator once stated, "Remember, behind every decision is the face of a child." We are committed to covering the planning process in prayer, remaining firm in the school's mission and purpose, and keeping the faces of your children in mind. Thank you for continuing the journey with us as we look forward to what the Lord has for Cornerstone in the future.

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