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More Than Just a Bumper Sticker

Do you ever find yourself entertained by reading bumper stickers on the vehicles you may see on the highway? I often wonder if the message on the bumper sticker(s) really describes the person in the vehicle.

There is one bumper sticker that causes me to pause and leave a little extra space between my vehicle and the one that bears the sticker. The message on that bumper sticker proclaims "Please be patient - student driver." 

Student Drive Magnet

While on a recent road trip, I saw just such a bumper sticker and, as I slowed a bit to give extra space, I thought how each of our students/children, and we too as a matter of fact, could well walk around our homes and the school wearing such a bumper sticker (or t-shirt).

Our students are learning how to navigate life - their faith, relationships, responsibilities, and their hopes and dreams for today and the future. They need us to show them patience and give them the space needed as they learn, recognizing that learning is a process and that proficiency doesn't come without much intentional practice to build up knowledge, skill, and confidence.

Most of you likely recall your experience with Drivers Ed class and the required driving practice hours with an instructor. Once you passed the initial stage of the course and the instructor-supervised driving, you could move on to getting your learners permit. Your driving instructor or mentor then became one of your parents who provided running commentary and cautions about your driving while you nervously tried to keep the car on your side of the road, avoid hitting a mailbox, following too closely, stopping too suddenly, making a right turn on red only when allowed, or running a yellow light.

The heart-pounding and pulse-elevating experience of driving calms with experience over time as you become more comfortable with the rules of the road and the operation of a 4,000+ pound vehicle. Your driving experience, however, didn't suddenly begin when you enrolled in the drivers ed class. It began many years before as you observed your parents safely operating the family vehicle and you became attentive and curious about the various aspects of driving.

The same can be said about how our students learn to navigate life, especially in regard to their faith. They observe those around them who claim to be Christ-followers, and then, as the Lord draws them, it is our prayer that they begin to express interest in the faith that has been proclaimed and modeled for them.

At Cornerstone Prep, we trust that you have found us faithful in our intentional modeling of what it means to be a Christ-follower and in our mentoring of students' hearts as we give space for difficult questions and partner with you to gently guide students as they grow in their faith walk.

It may be said that the best teachers are also students. This is true in the area of spiritual growth. Regardless of our age or the length of time that one has been a Christ-follower, all may still wear the sign that reads: Please be patient - student driver.

We are thankful to be among the Cornerstone Prep community of believers who continually mentor, invest, encourage, and demonstrate patience toward one another in the area of spiritual growth and maturity. Thank you for partnering with us.

For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1:6, NASB

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