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In business terms, the initialism R.O.I. represents Return on Investment. This is a major factor in business decisions. Regardless whether we give it this title, R.O.I. is also a major factor in individual and family decision-making. Recently, this term took on a deeper meaning for me as I was listening to a leadership podcast.

The speaker reframed R.O.I. from Return on Investment to Return on Inspiration.

 At Cornerstone, we are aware of and wish to honor parents' desire for a strong return on investment - their financial, time, and emotional investment on behalf of their child. The return on investment may be defined differently for each family, such as the development of a strong biblical worldview, independent learning skills of initiative and time management, strong academics, college prep, successful athletic season or fine arts productions, etc. As we seek to honor this investment consistent with our mission and purpose statements, consider also the return on inspiration.

The eternal value of return on inspiration.

As we consider return on inspiration, the question rises, "What has eternal value that lasts far beyond the years of being a student at CPA?" Our published spiritual objective is "to encourage students, families, and staff to live and work wholeheartedly for the Lord." This is truly both a strong return on investment as well as a worthy return on inspiration. As 3 John 4 states, "I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children (and your children) walking in the Truth." 

Mrs. Nguyen, Mrs. Robbins, Ivey Bolding, Ethan Everill, Brennan Pritchard, Pastor Nolan

The return on your investment and inspiration has been clearly evident this month as several members of the faculty and administrative team have held lunch meetings with all of our seniors to hear their senior legacy project proposals. During this year that brings closure to the students' time at CPA, each of these seniors are stepping out to invest in others. As the year continues to unfold, we look forward to sharing with you these examples of return on inspiration. Thank you for choosing to partner with us in this endeavor.

We are honored to serve your family and pray that you, too, daily realize the return on inspiration.

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