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Build it with STEAM

Have you heard about STEAM?  It’s the well-rounded version of STEM.  By adding the arts to science, technology, engineering, & math you achieve elegant results.  Think of the Eiffel Tower...an iconic architectural and engineering feat that graces the city of Paris.  

Without the use of the principles of art the Eiffel tower would lack proportion, pattern, symmetry, and unity.  In other words, it wouldn’t be the beautiful landmark that it is today.
Students use STEAM in my Stagecrafters class daily. The principles of art are applied to projects that need to be aesthetically pleasing and functional.  Set pieces, props, and costumes for our plays and musical theater productions need to look good on stage.  

But they often need to bear weight and move appropriately, too. So, we measure, estimate, calculate, test, plan, and work with varied materials to achieve our goals. The best part?  It’s fun!  Sometimes we encounter a project that requires science and math beyond the scope of the Stagecrafters class.  This semester we are partnering with Mrs. Wrenn’s Engineering class to build a special set piece for Beauty and the Beast Jr.  They are using their skills to make the piece work, and we are using our skills to make it eye-catching!  We’re a perfect team.

Still not so sure that building with STEAM is the way to go?  Check out this one-minute video from the High Museum of Art.  

You can see the Stagecrafters final project pieces during the spring productions by the High School Musical Theatre Company: "Beauty and the Beast, Jr."

  • Fri & Sat, Apr 27 & 28, 7 p.m.
  • Ticket info will be available soon


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