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  • Elementary
  • Student Stories
Fourth-Graders Test Their Green Thumbs

Fourth-grade students recently put their green thumbs to the test by growing lima bean plants. They planted the seeds in class and made predictions in their journals about how long the plants would take to sprout. Afterward, they took their cups home to watch them grow. 

Two and half weeks later, the students brought their plants back to class to compare and measure them. Most plants had grown to about 12 inches! The students with the three tallest plants were given a reward from the class prize box.

Science A Top Three Finishers:

  • Maggie Fangman
  • Sebastian Lozovyi
  • Vince Ramsey


Science B Top Three Finishers:

  • Madden Ruplin
  • Ben Curry
  • Esme Gatti


We asked our prize-winning students some questions about their plant-growing experience so far. Read what they had to say:

1) What has been your favorite part of the plant project?

Esme: Getting to draw pictures of the plant while it was growing was my favorite part.

Vince: Watching it grow in spurts!

Maggie: My favorite part was watching the plant grow from a seed into a tall plant.

2) What is the most important thing you’ve learned from the project?

Esme: The bean itself grows up the stem and becomes the first leaves.

Vince: That you should always try your best even if you think there is no way you can win!

Maggie: The most important thing I learned is that plants will grow if they get all of the things they need.

3) What is your secret to success to growing the tallest plant?

Esme: I kept it in lots of sunlight and watered it when the soil was dry.

Vince: The way I watered it. I tried to mimic rain to make it more natural, instead of just pouring water into the cup.

Maggie: My secret to success is not over-watering the plant.

4) If you could grow any type of plant you want, what would you grow and why?

Esme: I would probably grow a strawberry plant because strawberries are my favorite fruit. It’s also very pretty when it grows because it has dark leaves and pretty flowers that turn into strawberries.

Vince: A cherry tree because I REALLY like cherries!

Maggie: I would like to grow roses because they are so pretty.


  • science