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Sophomore Rachel Shannon Transforms Trash into Treasure
Rachel Shannon Headshot

The beauty of a Cornerstone education is that it allows students the flexibility to pursue interests and hobbies outside of academics and the usual after-school activities. In sophomore Rachel Shannon’s case, the University-Model schedule has given her the opportunity to pursue her dreams of running her own business.

Rachel runs a booth at The Market in Acworth, where she sells farmhouse-style refurbished antiques and hand-lettered signs. Because her booth is a permanently rented space within The Market, she does not have to man the booth in person, but supplies all the artwork that she creates after school and on weekends. 

We caught up with Rachel to learn more about the inspiration behind her budding business.


What inspired you to start refurbishing antiques?

My parents have always loved antiques, and we used to live in a 1780s farmhouse, but I always thought brown antiques were hideous! However, I have always loved old music and movies, so when my Mom and I found the Market one day when I was thirteen, I absolutely fell in love with things of the past transformed into something beautiful! I really love decorating, and this was a worthwhile and fulfilling outlet for that! My favorite part of the whole process is decorating my booth with the finished pieces. I even moved to a different booth in September just so I could have a shiplap wall to make everything pretty!

Rachel Shannon's booth of refurbished antiques

Where do you find your antiques to refurbish?

Mostly I shop at thrift stores, yard sales, and antique stores.


How did the move from hobby to business come about?

My parents really encouraged me to make my creations into a business when I was in middle school. I was hesitant at first, but after months of preparation I finally “opened shop” in January of my freshman year.  


Do you manage all aspects of your business, including the booth rental and finances?

I do manage the financial aspects, but the systems established at the Market make it a fairly simple process.


What do you hope people will get out of your artwork, besides obviously a beautiful piece of work?

I love being inspired by other people’s work, especially when it brings me back to an era of the past! I hope my signs and refinished decor inspire people to make their lives lovely and remember the simplicity of the past. I hand-letter a lot of signs for my booth as well, and I try to make nearly all of my signs verses from Scripture. By doing this, I hope to encourage people in the best way possible and help keep in perspective what truly matters in life. 

Rachel Shannon's Christmas Merchandise

Do you hope to make this a lifelong business?

When I first started, the excitement of having a business and the idea that maybe one day I’d have my own store was extremely enticing. However, after having my business for almost a year as well as working at the Market over the summer, I have realized that this most likely will just be an endeavor I enjoy in high school and simply continue as a hobby later in life. 

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