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Meet Our Staff

Cornerstone 2023 staff photo
Our teachers and staff make Cornerstone distinctive. Their life's work is to uphold the supremacy and sufficiency of Christ in all things, especially in the importation of knowledge and the application of it on the world around us. They are committed, sacrificial servants who care deeply for our students and cultivate Christ-like character inside and outside of the classroom.
All faculty and administrative school staff meet or exceed the minimum NAUMS certification/accreditation standard of: "Professional educators and administrators in a University-Model Institution are highly qualified as evidenced from state or agency certification, degrees in the subject taught or supervised, and/or strong portfolios of experience and training."
anne baines working in garden

Elementary Faculty: Farm2Fork & Literature in the Garden Electives; Secondary Faculty: Middle School Farm2Fork

ken campbell sitting on bleachers

Athletic Director; Physical Education Department Chair; Secondary Faculty: Middle School P.E., Middle & High School Conditioning

ryan caskey headshot

Secondary Faculty: AP Computer Science, AP Computer Science Principles

Angela Cusick

Director of Fine Arts; Secondary Faculty: Middle & High School Photography, High School Stagecrafters

photo coming soon

Elementary Faculty: 3rd/4th Grade Keyboarding & Technology Electives, 5th/6th Grade Cheerleading

Cornerstone staff member Scott Edmondson

Director of Facilities; Assistant Athletic Director; Elementary Faculty: Intro to Chess Elective; Secondary Faculty: Speech & Debate, U.S. History, AP U.S. History, Middle & High School Current Events

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Elementary Faculty: 5th & 6th Grade Science, 5th/6th Grade Brain Teasers & Mind Benders Elective; Secondary Faculty: 7th Grade Science

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Secondary Faculty: Middle School Electives (Fantasy Football & Weather Water Wow)

allyson manning

English Department Chair; Secondary Faculty: AP Eng Lit/Comp,12th Grade British Literature, Creative Writing, Intro to Teaching Elective

photo coming soon

Director of IT; Career & Technology Department Chair; Secondary Faculty: Middle School & High School Videography

photo coming soon

Secondary Faculty: Math Program Support & Math Study Hall Coverage, Middle School Academic Preparedness

laura nguyen

Secondary Faculty: Geometry, Yearbook/Journalism, Understanding the Culture

photo coming soon

Science Department Chair; Secondary Faculty: 8th & 9th Grade Physical Science, Forensics

photo coming soon

Secondary Student Life/Spiritual Life Coordinator; Elementary Faculty: 5th & 6th Grade History; Secondary Faculty: AP Modern World History, Humanities

lissette sanabia

Instructional Coach; Elementary Faculty: 3rd/4th Grade & 5th/6th Grade Percussion, Spanish; Secondary Faculty: Modern World History/Geography, Internship

tracie setzler landscape headshot

History Department Chair; Secondary Faculty: Civics/Economics, AP European History, Ancient World History/Geography, Latin III

katy simmons landscape headshot

Elementary Faculty: Music, 5th/6th Grade Guitar, 1st/2nd Grade Literature in the Kitchen, Wonder Workshop; Secondary Faculty: Middle School Guitar, Percussion Ensemble, Middle & High School Robotics, Pre-engineering

photo coming soon

Secondary Faculty: Middle School Intro to Musical Theatre, High School Musical Theatre

sherry stone landscape headshot

Math Department Chair; Elementary Faculty: 6th Grade Math; Secondary Faculty: Precalculus, Honors PreCalculus, Honors Calculus, AP Calculus, Statistics, ACT/SAT Math Test Prep

audra thompson headshot

Elementary Faculty: 6th Grade English, Cougars Care Elective, 5th/6th Grade Girls' Bible

photo coming soon

Secondary Faculty: Health & BPE; Facilities & Athletics Program Support

cynthia white

Secondary Faculty: 8th Grade English, Middle School Electives (Around the World, Entrepreneur)

photo coming soon

Secondary Faculty: Understanding the Faith, Understanding the Times, Physics, High School Pre-Engineering, Who Wants to be an Engineer Elective

amanda winkler

Elementary Faculty: 1st Grade, 1st/2nd Grade Bible, Cheer, Keyboarding & Awesome Science Electives