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Philosophy of Education

University-Model® schooling provides students with an academically challenging education while integrating the home and school in the common goal of discipling students. The key to success is the integration of a biblically-based, parentally-guided Christian faith and a sound, teacher-facilitated academic environment.

The University-Model® school is designed for those families in which parents take an active role in the oversight and implementation of their children’s education. As the level of parental involvement progresses from being a co-teacher in the elementary years to a guide for dependent study in middle school to more of a course monitor in the high school courses, parents are expected to continue exercising loving and active responsibility for their children all the way through graduation.

Educational Responsibilities

In partnership with our committed parents, Cornerstone is able to integrate the home and school effectively toward the common goal of Christian character development and solid academic preparation for college.

Parental Responsibilities:

  • Retain oversight of their children’s educational progress and determine the manner and extent to which they will be involved in the academic institution.
  • Help place each child in the proper stage of academic progress.
  • Be involved in the out-of-class instructional responsibilities of their children’s courses based upon each child’s age and stage of academic development.
  • Continue to build into their children those character qualities that reflect their own understanding of the Christian faith.

Cornerstone’s Responsibilities:

  • Offer a challenging academic track in the context of Christian values.
  • Unapologetically speak and teach in a manner consistent with the school’s Statement of Faith, emphasizing the necessity of a personal relationship with Christ and growth in Christ-like character.
  • Help parents properly place each of their children in an appropriate stage of academic development.
  • Develop and implement academically challenging, college-preparatory courses that integrate an appropriate level of parental involvement into each student’s satellite classroom study.
  • Encourage and expect the student to learn the material assigned and provide regular feedback to both the student and parents concerning the student’s progress in each class enrolled.
  • Integrate the Christian faith and a biblical worldview into the context of the various subject areas offered, to the end that Christian character-building will receive support and enhancement outside the home.
You can best get an overview of what our teachers teach in the classroom by viewing our booklist.
Current Cornerstone parents: Please refer to the detailed book list in the Family Portal for the ISBN numbers of the appropriate editions you need to order for your child.