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Philosophy of Education

University-Model® schooling provides students with an academically challenging education while integrating the home and school in the common goal of discipling students. The key to success is the integration of a biblically-based, parentally-guided Christian faith and a sound, teacher-facilitated academic environment.
The University-Model® school is designed for those families in which parents take an active role in the oversight and implementation of their children’s education. As the level of parental involvement progresses from being a co-teacher in the elementary years to a guide for dependent study in middle school to more of a course monitor in the high school courses, parents are expected to continue exercising loving and active responsibility for their children all the way through graduation.

Educational Responsibilities

In partnership with our committed parents, Cornerstone is able to integrate the home and school effectively toward the common goal of Christian character development and solid academic preparation for college.

Academics at a Glance

Biblical Worldview In All Subject Areas at Cornerstone in Cobb County

Biblical Worldview

In All Subject Areas
Cornerstone student-teacher ratio in kindergarten


Student Teacher Ratio: Kindergarten
Cornerstone elementary school student teacher ratio


Student Teacher Ratio: Elementary
Cornerstone student-teacher ratio for middle school and high school


Student Teacher Ratio: Secondary
AP pass rate at Cornerstone in Acworth


AP Pass Rate
16 AP and Honors Courses Offered at Cornerstone in Cobb County


AP + Honors Courses Offered
Cornerstone average SAT score


Average SAT Score
Cornerstone average ACT score


Average ACT Score
Cornerstone students bring their own devices beginning in middle school


Bring Your Own Device | Grades 7-12
Cornerstone in Acworth is a G Suite for Education School


G Suite for Education School

Almost all Cornerstone graduates are Hope/Zell qualified


Graduates Hope/Zell Qualified
Cornerstone in Cobb County has a 100% College Acceptance Rate


College Acceptance Rate
Cornerstone graduates have been awarded over $19 Million in scholarships (Excluding Hope/Zell)


Scholarships Awarded (Excluding Hope/Zell)
100% of Cornerstone students are Encouraged to Pursue God's Will for Their Life


Encouraged to Pursue God's Will for Their Life

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