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Elementary Principal Blog

Angela Daniel

Here we are six weeks into the school year. Can you believe it? Whether you are a brand new family or have been at Cornerstone for years, it's been a different start to the school year and we've all had to pivot in different ways, haven't we?

My hope is that you will look back on the past six weeks and count the gains and the gifts. Some of those gains were probably hard fought! As I'm praying for you, I am asking the Lord to show you the good that has come out of these first six weeks of school.

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I am also praying that you are...

Finding a rhythm to your at home days. 

It takes time and patience to figure out a flow and rhythm to the days you are at home teaching your children. For my family, what we started with on week one just didn't work! So we have tweaked and shifted some things and are settling into a good rhythm now.

If you are still struggling to find your rhythm, reach out to your mentor family, your grade level PTF coordinator, or myself. It can be so helpful to talk to someone that has been there and done that. Someone that has not just survived, but thrived!

Feeling connected to our school community.

This can feel harder this particular year, as we aren't able to hold some of our traditional school events on campus. Still, our PTF and their Grade Level Coordinators are working hard to find off-campus ways to keep everyone connected. I encourage you to take advantage of this!

Check your grade level Facebook Page and if you're not on FB, look for updates sent via email. Attend PTF meetings. If you are new, I know this might feel intimidating, but I encourage you to take some steps towards community. My daughters are new 8th Graders at Cornerstone and we've had lots of talks about how friendship takes time to grow and how God often uses the things that take us out of our comfort zone to grow us for our good and His glory!

Feeling engaged with your child's education.

This is such an important, unique part of our school! For me, as I have transitioned my children from public school to Cornerstone, I have loved being more involved and engaged with what my children are learning each day.

I love the connection we have with their amazing teachers and how it truly is a partnership with them. I hope you are finding this true as well and that your schooling days at home are providing opportunities of rich connection and engagement with your children.

Finding faith woven into the fabric of our school.

This is my biggest prayer for our families. That our faith in Jesus is woven into our academic, sports, and all that we do as a school.

What a gift it is to freely share the love of Jesus, and the hope we have in Him, with our students. That gift has been so evident this week as we've come together in our heartbreak over the loss of one of our own.

Many tears have been shed on our school campus this week. I've seen students and staff huddled in prayer. I've seen them comforting each other and interceding for the Speer Family. I know our school family will continue to pray boldly for them in the coming days.

As a school, we will continue to trust in and point our students to the One that leads us through the darkness into His light.

"Jesus spoke to them again: 'I am the light of the world. Anyone who follows me will never walk in the darkness but will have the light of life."  John 8:12

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