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Elementary Principal Blog

Tina Souza

My nephew got married this weekend. It was a sweet time of celebrating two young people who have committed themselves to each other and to Christ. Leading up to the event, members of my family hosted and attended showers, discussed and planned the details with the bride and groom, and rehearsed for the ceremony. Every step of the way I reminisced about the past and how much God has blessed my family.

Don't get me wrong, probably like a lot of you, my extended family has had its share of hard times, and we're a little bit of a beautiful mess!

Beautiful Mess

There have been rough patches of divorce and drug addiction. We've seen our share of job losses and feuds with in-laws. We've got stepparents, half siblings, and aunts who are more like mothers. There are a few family members we haven't spoken to in a long time, and there are folks we consider family who aren't even related to us! It was so fun to reconnect to all of them, and I was blessed to be a part of the weekend.

As I have reflected on the wedding, remembering all those who attended, I thought to myself: Isn't this the way God's family is too?

There are those members who've strayed, those who've sinned, those who've left and come back, and those who've been broken and restored. I received a well-timed reminder this weekend that love sees past all of that! God loves the broken people I call my family, and he loves yours too. We are all his children and isn't it beautiful when we can come together and celebrate His love?

I will remember this weekend for a long time and one day look back on it and reminisce once again about how God has been so good to my family. I pray that you have a moment this Christmas season where God sends you a well-timed reminder too! Let's all come together and celebrate his love!

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