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Elementary - Grades K-6

Elementary Academics

Your elementary child will receive an academically challenging education here. We want to develop thinking, articulate young people who know what they believe, why they believe, and who are well-equipped to engage and redeem our culture in every area of life and study.

  • AdvancEd accreditation
  • All subjects taught from a biblical worldview
  • Rigorous standards for producing quality work
  • Cursive writing grades 4-6
  • Academic competitions:
    • ACSI Spelling Bees
    • Math Olympics
    • Creative Writing
    • Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Contest
  • Technology Integration in most lessons
  • Standardized Testing annually in grades 3-6
  • Entrance testing required for all incoming students

* Please see our Technology Page for our technology requirements.

What is the difference between on & off campus days for elementary students?

Elementary students are on campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Off campus days are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

You may wonder how an on and off campus day differ. In general,

  • On campus days are more hands-on, interactive learning with teachers and classmates
  • Off-campus days are more “pencil and paper” type tasks that parents can easily oversee

Why K-6?

Grades K-6 make up the elementary school at Cornerstone Prep. This is intentional. From the inception of the school, the decision was made to keep 6th grade as part of elementary.

This was done from years of experience, especially with boys, who do not yet have the skills needed to navigate all the different teachers and organization needed for entering middle school.

Having 6th graders with our elementary students also allows them to feel like leaders rather than the youngest in middle school. It gives our students the time to mature so that grades 7-8 and the new pressures that come with that are more manageable.

Technology for Elementary Students

  • Technology Integration in most lessons: Chromebooks are provided for in class work for fifth and sixth grades.

*Please see our Technology Page for our technology requirements.



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