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Elementary Principal Blog

Angela Daniel

cross and palms

"Our Lord has written the promise of resurrection, not in books alone, but in every leaf in springtime." Martin Luther

I read this recently and it filled my heart with hope! As Easter approaches, we have the opportunity to lean into the promise of the resurrection. To focus on His eternal promises in the midst of this ever changing, worry filled world. It feels like this year, more than ever, we need to keep our mind turned towards the hope that is only found through the resurrection!

How do you lean into this as a family? Here are some simple and fun activities to do together this Easter…

  • Resurrection Rolls: These are fun for young children to make and they are yummy! This website gives the recipe along with scripture to use. 
  • Easter Garden: Kids love and learn much from hands-on experiences. This activity takes some prep and a few weeks, but the results are beautiful! Check out these great directions on the Compassion Explorer Website, Garden of Hope
  • Resurrection Egg Hunt: This is a great way to share the gospel message while doing an egg hunt! My kids just loved this when they were little. There are so many versions of this on Pinterest. Some are simple, while others are very elaborate. Here is one example that is simple and includes the scripture references: Resurrection Egg Hunt example
  • Flash Light Scrambled Egg Hunt: This is for tweens/younger teens. Yes, you read that right. "Scrambled Egg Hunt". The scramble comes in because they will use letters to unscramble an Easter message! I came up with this one for my kids a few years ago. It is really fun to hide eggs in your backyard at night for kids to look for with flashlights after the sun goes down! Last year, we used glow in the dark eggs. I simply took a sharpie and wrote one letter on each egg. Once all the eggs were found, they had to put the letters together to make a sentence. "Jesus is our Risen Savior!" You could also select a Bible verse and put words instead of letters on the eggs. My tweens really loved this!

While I've enjoyed planning these fun activities for my kids throughout the years, I've learned that the best thing I can do for them is to keep MY OWN heart turned towards and seeking Him. I love this beautiful prayer that I read recently and it's a beautiful way to start your quiet time with Jesus…

"Meet me, O Christ, in the stillness of the morning.
Meet me, O Spirit, to quiet my heart.
Meet me, O Father, from yesterday's harms.
From the discords of yesterday, resurrect my peace.
From the discouragement of yesterday, resurrect my hope.
From the weariness of yesterday, resurrect my strength.
From the doubts of yesterday, resurrect my faith.
From the wounds of yesterday, resurrect my love.
Let me enter this new day, aware of my need,
and awake to your grace, O Lord, Amen."
From Douglass McKelvey's "Every Moment Holy"

May this Easter remind you of the eternal hope we have and the resurrection power that is available to us each and every day! 

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