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Academic Enrichments for Secondary Students

Your child can discover their true potential at Cornerstone Prep. Our unique University-Model® allows for a specialized education plan.

During your family interview here, you will meet with the admissions director, school principal, and school guidance counselor. They will work with you to create the class schedule that fits your child's needs.

If you have any questions about the following academic programs, please contact Jillian Cosgrove, our school counselor. Please note that the following programs are only available to currently enrolled Cornerstone Prep students.

Dual Enrollment 

Cornerstone’s academically rigorous high school program is designed to provide an age-appropriate, wholesome high school experience in a caring Christian environment. Dual enrollment allows juniors and seniors who have finished the highest level of core classes offered at Cornerstone Prep, or who desire to take a non-core subject not offered at Cornerstone Prep, the opportunity and challenge of advanced college level coursework.

Dual enrollment candidates should be exemplary in conduct, Christian character,  academic strength and have demonstrated the ability to successfully manage heavy course loads. Not all students are mature and academically prepared enough to take on the challenge of a secular campus taking courses not taught from a biblical worldview and the freedoms that accompany this opportunity. A student is required to have been at Cornerstone for one year prior to dual enrollment. Internal pre-approval is required since admission to the program is not automatically granted. 

Students will be charged a Cornerstone Prep dual enrollment fee of $170 per dual enrollment class each semester. This covers the cost of Cornerstone Prep overseeing the dual enrollment, providing accountability and supervision, and handling all transcript and coordination with the college or university. The dual enrollment student receives credit for both high school and college simultaneously. 

Cornerstone Prep delivers Truett-McConnell College, TMC, courses to provide an on-campus dual enrollment experience taught by Cornerstone Prep faculty members, which maintains the Christian classroom environment students are familiar with.


Student must have attended Cornerstone full-time for one year prior to participating in the program. Students must have a 3.5 GPA. Cornerstone Prep requirements may be higher than those of the universities.

Cornerstone Guidelines for Off-Campus Dual Enrollment:

  • To be eligible to apply for Cornerstone’s dual enrollment program, students must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher and meet the Cornerstone minimum SAT or ACT scores: 
    • SAT combined minimum of 1160 (minimums: 540 math / 580 ERW / 30 reading)  
    • ACT combined minimum of 24 (minimums: 22 math / 23 English)
  • Courses offered at Cornerstone Prep may not be taken elsewhere for Dual Enrollment. A student must have finished the highest level of core classes offered at Cornerstone Prep before moving into a DE course in that core subject.  
  • Juniors may take a maximum of one class per semester, by special permission only.
  • Seniors may take a maximum of two classes per semester, by special permission only. 

Cornerstone Guidelines for On-Campus Dual Enrollment:

  • To be eligible to apply for Cornerstone’s dual enrollment on-campus course delivery with Truett McConnell College (TMC), students do not have to meet a minimum standardized test score but must have a minimum 3.5 GPA at Cornerstone Prep and teacher recommendations from two teachers confirming that the student has the background for college level writing and the ability to synthesize information.
  • Juniors may take a maximum of one elective class per semester, by special permission only.
  • Seniors may take a maximum of two classes per semester, by special permission only.

Cornerstone Virtual Academy

Cornerstone Prep offers students a variety of virtual /online classes. Online classes give your student broader course options. Your student can also take a class at a time that works for them if our regular classes aren’t available to them because of a schedule conflict.

Our purpose in offering these classes is to provide a virtual option that is not only academically strong, but also has a strong biblical worldview incorporated into the curriculum. There are a myriad of virtual classes available across the nation, but very few that incorporate the biblical worldview that is so important to our school. These classes will integrate wisdom and teaching from God’s Word coupled with high academic standards.

All classes meet or exceed state standards. Sevenstar Academy, the company that delivers our virtual courses, is accredited by the North Central Association, an accreditation division of AdvancED and has been endorsed by ACSI.

The normal course charges apply to virtual classes, plus a CVA course fee. Please see the tuition and fees section of our website for details. Students may be required to take a placement test and will be assessed an additional testing fee. Placement tests are required for some math and upper level foreign language courses if the previous level of the language was taken through another academic source.

The majority of the online classes offered do not require a purchased book or material fee. Classes that may include an in-course software or textbook purchase are AP level classes and technology classes requiring design software.

Virtual classes do not have a live teacher. The courses are taught through modules that include recordings, readings, and videos. The teacher is there to support students, answer questions via phone or email, and grade assignments.

Virtual classes will be taken during the school day using a study hall on campus. All earned course credit becomes a part of the student’s Cornerstone Prep transcript, not transfer credit. All CVA courses are governed by Cornerstone Prep academic policies.

Cornerstone Virtual Academy is open to current Cornerstone Prep high school students with classes available for the following purposes:

  • Scheduling conflicts
  • AP classes or electives that Cornerstone doesn’t offer
  • Credit recovery.

A student may take a maximum of two online classes per semester. Enrollment in CVA classes is subject to the approval of the Director of School Counseling.