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Secondary: Grades 7-12

Cornerstone's secondary program is designed to help the next generation of students identify and cultivate their God-given gifts so they can engage with the world as mature Christ-followers, transformed and equipped by the Holy Spirit.
In middle and high school, students develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills through integrated, multidisciplinary studies that utilize inquiry and project-based learning. Courses are taught by subject area experts who engage students in collaborative learning experiences and develop important communication, time management, and organizational skills in preparation for college and life.
Parents are still actively involved in their child’s education, although their roles shift from that of a direct instructor to more of a guide for independent study in the middle school years and a course monitor in the high school years.

Secondary Academic Highlights

  • All subjects taught from a biblical worldview
  • Individualized attention and smaller class sizes, with a maximum student-teacher ratio of 18:1
  • AP and Honors classes offered for grades 9-12
  • Technology integration in most lessons; students are required to bring their own Chromebook to class each day
  • A wide array of electives available for all grades, including fine arts, technology, physical education, science, foreign language and more
  • A comprehensive college counseling program
  • Internship opportunities

On-Campus vs. Off-Campus Days

Students attend on-campus classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, students are required to complete assignments at home in preparation for on-campus days. The off-campus days are not days off. Secondary students should schedule their off-campus days to closely mirror their days on campus. 

Juniors and seniors may have a short on-campus schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Principal Niswonger's Blog

Cornerstone Prep Secondary Principal Janie Niswonger

Just as the Apostle Paul was made a minister in and for the body of Christ according to God’s stewardship, we are also called to proclaim Christ with the gifts and roles He has given us. Our Cornerstone staff would all agree that there is no sweeter opportunity than to do this every day with students.

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