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Secondary - Grades 7-12

Secondary Academics at Cornerstone Prep

Cornerstone Preparatory Academy is a certified University-Model® school nationally accredited by AdvancEd. Cornerstone follows a college prep curriculum with rigorous standards.

Our curriculum is both Christian and secular, and all instruction and course content is from a biblical worldview. In middle school and high school parents are actively involved in their child’s education.

Parent roles are defined in our catalog. You can read more about those after your family interview. Family interviews are scheduled after you have attended an Information Meeting and completed an application. Learn more here.

On and Off Campus Days

Students attend on campus classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On the students’ off campus days of Tuesday and Thursday students are required to complete assignments in preparation for on campus days. The off campus days are not days off; the off campus day schedule should mirror the students’ on campus days.

Juniors and seniors do have a short on campus schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Cornerstone is a Google Apps for Education school and all students grades 5-12 use Chromebooks in their classes. Lesson plans, resources, and announcements for classes are posted in private classroom communities within the Google classroom platform.

AP and Dual Enrollment Opportunities

Cornerstone offers AP classes for grades 10-12. Also, high school students have the opportunity during their junior and senior year to apply for Dual Enrollment classes at Kennesaw State University and Truett McConnell College and apply for Student Internships.

Aside from our rigorous academics, Cornerstone secondary school offers a variety of sports teams and academic competitions through ACSI and GICAA.

Academic Class Offerings


Marsha Robbins

Secondary Principal's Monthly Blog

Mrs. Robbins lays out some positive changes to our secondary DAYL days so that students and faculty avoid feeling like they're on an episode of TLC's "What Not to Wear."

Cornerstone seniors strive to make an ongoing difference in the lives of others through their capstone projects. Mrs. Robbins looks at how a "perennial" pursuit of service goes beyond just filling an "annual" service requirement.