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Secondary Principal Blog

Marsha Robbins
tobacco worm

Having cropped many acres of tobacco throughout the course of my childhood summers, I can personally testify that the tobacco worm is not all that it appears to be. The illustration shows a uniquely colored and rather beautiful creature. Yet, this small creature, when multiplied by hundreds or thousands, can destroy entire crops.

You may be thinking, “What does the tobacco worm have to do with Cornerstone?” You recently had the opportunity to respond to a survey asking one question, “What can Cornerstone Prep do better?”

The results are in, and we ask for your prayers as we thoughtfully consider your responses. Our desire is that any changes we make not only appear beautiful on the outside, but also are consistent with the school’s mission and supportive of the goals we have for our students. In the book “God’s Wisdom for Navigating Life” (Random House, 2017), Tim and Kathy Keller unpack nuggets of wisdom from Proverbs. According to the Kellers, the Hebrew words haskel (prudent behavior), ormah (prudence), and mazimma (discretion) all mean “to plan and live strategically” (pg. 5).

As you join us in praying for the current and future direction of Cornerstone, please pray that those in decision-making roles will have God’s wisdom, prudence, and discretion.