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Secondary Principal Blog

Janie Niswonger


I am confident that if you ask any staff person at Cornerstone, they will tell you their first calling is to make disciples. They are ministers of the gospel - then teachers, assistants, support staff, and administrators - and they fulfill their roles with the goal of presenting every man complete in Christ. 

In Colossians 1:25-29, Paul was made a minister in and for the body of Christ according to God’s stewardship. He put Paul in his position of leadership and instruction for the benefit of the Church. His purpose, Paul said, was to fully explain the Word of God to the saints, to round out the gospel story, and reveal the mystery that Christ lives IN us not just with us. God’s intention is for all believers to know the riches that come from Christ dwelling in us, the most significant gift being the fulfillment of His promise to restore us and all creation to Himself. 

Paul called us to join him in this ministry, once again according to God’s administration of gifts and roles. Whether you are a high school student, a stay-at-home mom or dad, a corporate boss, a skilled tradesperson, a teacher, a pastor, a lawyer, a medical professional, etc.,

Together, we proclaim Christ. We admonish and teach every man with wisdom. We labor, in the power of Christ, to present every man complete in Christ.

This was Paul’s ministry and it is ours. As we do this, according to the power of Christ dwelling in us, we will come to know the richness of the mystery of the gospel - Christ in us, the hope of glory.

A friend recently said, “It is Christ IN me, not Christ AND me.” It is Christ who does the work in people’s hearts, not us. It is Christ who gives us words to say and actions to perform. He orchestrates divine appointments and orders ideal circumstances. We are just to be available, prepared, and willing to proclaim Christ and to admonish and teach with wisdom. I believe there is no sweeter opportunity than to do this every day with students. I am so thankful to work with parents and staff who feel the same way.