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Tech Talk Blog

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Landon Cunningham

How Long Should My Chromebook Last?

That's a question I've been asked countless times by students, parents, and staff. Thankfully, it's a pretty simple answer, and there are a few things you can do to make your Chromebook last even longer. 

Since Chromebooks are fairly new to the computing world (introduced mid-2011), they have not been tested over quite as many years as PCs or Macs. However, like most computers, a Chromebook should last in an optimized state for three to five years and in a less-than-ideal, but working, state for five to seven years. The Chromebook is very lightweight - it basically just needs an internet connection - which makes it inherently last longer than some devices. The good news is that Google promises to support your Chromebook with updates six and a half years after it was released.

If you're looking for a new Chromebook, make sure it has at least 4 GB of RAM. This will ensure it can handle future updates and software releases that may use more RAM than what you currently need. 

Three ways to make your current Chromebook last:

  • Don't drop it. It seems simple, but I see many students throwing their Chromebook around as if it's a three-ring binder. Encourage your students to take care of their devices, and they'll last much longer. 
  • Keep it clean. This echoes the point above, and care instructions are usually easy to find. Just check your manufacturer's website, like Dell's website.
  • Keep your Chromebook updated. This is the first thing I check when troubleshooting a Chromebook - is it updated? If not, I update it before I do anything else. It keeps the machine running in tip-top shape.


Three Technology Reminders

Per the Cornerstone Prep Catalog (pg. 23), all students are required to have a Chromebook, not a Mac or a PC or other type of device. This allows our teachers to facilitate the best educational environment and assists in our network stability. If your student has a non-Chromebook device as their on-campus device, have them fill out this form.

On at-school days, make sure you log out of your students' @cornerstoneprep.org account on your home computers.When classes begin, our teachers start GoGuardian sessions, which look at all of the current Chrome tabs on a student's account. This can be a bit awkward when you're using your child's account for online banking. The good news: your student will always be notified when there is a GoGuardian class in session, and these sessions only happen on at-school days unless previously scheduled by your teacher.

Lastly, remember to set up your Bark! account through SafeStudents Online. To activate, click the link in your personal Welcome email. If you need to request a new email be sent, please contact customerservice@safestudentsonline.com.