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Tech Talk Blog

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Landon Cunningham


Smartphone Resources

For a few years now I’ve been reading a great weekly newsletter, The Culture Translator, from a Christian-based company called Axis. They’ve always got a finger on the pulse of the current generation of students, and I appreciate their Christ-centered take on many of the issues our kids are facing today.

They recently have come out with a video series titled “Reclaiming the Smartphone,” which outlines four great conversations you can have with your kids about technology and the role it plays (and the role it should play) in our families. I encourage you to watch the series. It is a great resource for concepts and ideas on how to set your family up for success in the age of smartphones.


SafeStudents Online

Thanks to those of you who have already activated your SafeStudents Online (SSO) account. We are hearing great things from you about how much you love the resources offered by SSO and the Bark! application. We continue to track participation, and our goal is to get to 100 percent so that we are addressing social media challenges together as a school community. Please take the time to activate; the process takes less than a minute to complete, and there is no cost to you. We are providing this tool to our families because it’s important your kids know you care and you are paying attention. 

To activate, click the link in your personal Welcome email. If you need to request a new email be sent, please contact customerservice@safestudentsonline.com.


Be Internet Awesome

For those of you with younger students, Google has created a fun, engaging online game centered around digital citizenship and protecting yourself online. The game, Interland, allows your young student to work through situations in the following categories, helping them understand how to react:

  • BE INTERNET SMART: Share with Care
  • BE INTERNET ALERT: Don't Fall for Fake
  • BE INTERNET STRONG: Secure Your Secrets
  • BE INTERNET KIND: It’s Cool to Be Kind
  • BE INTERNET BRAVE: When in Doubt, Talk It Out

For those older students who may not want to play the game, it would be beneficial to read over the core values of the game in this handy PDF. Talk with your kids about how to act on the internet, not only to protect themselves but also to protect others. 

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