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When was the school founded?

Cornerstone Prep was founded in 2004 with 100 students. We have grown every year. For the 2019-20 school year, we have about 500 students. Click here to view our school growth.

What grades does Cornerstone offer?

We are a K-12 school.
Elementary students, grades K-6, have their on-campus days on Tuesday/Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Because of our unique University-Model®, students can choose to take one course, a full load, or anywhere in between. However, kindergarten is all inclusive and costs $1,950 per semester ($3,900 a year). Kindergarten students, while here for a full day on Tuesday/Thursday, will have a rest time, two recess times, and can buy a hot lunch.
Secondary students, grades 7-12, have their on-campus days on Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Juniors also attend class on Tuesday mornings, and seniors also attend classes on both Tuesday/Thursday mornings. For those families who choose to use Cornerstone as a resource in the secondary grades, the flexibility remains to take one or more courses. For those students who plan to graduate from Cornerstone, our director of school counseling will develop a graduation plan for each student.

How many students attend Cornerstone full-time?

85 percent of our students are full-time.

What is an "on-campus day" vs. an "off-campus day"?

Days that a student is at Cornerstone are referred to as on-campus days. Off-campus days are what we call the days when the students do their work at home. It is important that the student understands that ALL days are school days; it is just that the school work is being done at a different location.

What does an off-campus day look like?

It depends on the age of your student, the classes they take, and your family. Obviously, the younger the student, the more involved the parent will be on off-campus days. As your student grows older, we expect to see a more independent learner. As students enter secondary (grades 7-12), the parent moves more into the role of encourager and accountability partner, helping prepare their student for college.

How long is an off-campus day?

As a general rule, an hour of work at home is assigned for each hour of class at school. However, variables such as student ability, work ethic, variety of assignments, and honors vs. standard courses will impact this standard. Elementary students can expect to spend about one hour of work at home for each hour of class at school for all academic subjects. Beginning in middle school, students may have weekend math homework. Beginning in high school, students may have weekend math and English homework. Beginning their junior year, students may have weekend homework in all subjects.

Is Cornerstone a homeschooling co-op?

No! We are a fully accredited school. We are accredited by AdvancED and certified by NAUMS. Our model is a unique, college-simulated program integrating professional instruction of highly qualified instructors and independent study. Cornerstone is also an ACSI member. Because of our alternative education model and university schedule, many homeschooling families do use us as a resource, and we are happy they are able to do so.

How do we apply to Cornerstone?

For families interested in Cornerstone, attendance at one of our monthly Information Meetings is required. For more information, contact Amy Freiler, director of admissions.

Where do most of your students live? Is it possible to carpool to school?

  • Many of our families do carpool, and we do have a school directory available via ParentsWeb. Click here to view a map showing a breakdown by zip codes of where our families live.

Does Cornerstone Prep follow the Cobb County School schedule?

Our schedule closely follows the Cobb County calendar, with a week off in the fall, a week at Thanksgiving, two weeks at Christmas, a week in February, a week for spring break, and then we end one week earlier than Cobb County. You can view our full calendar here.

Are uniforms required?

Cornerstone does require uniforms for its students. Because of our unique University-Model®, students can get away with a very limited amount of uniforms. Many families report they purchase one or two bottoms and tops, and that suffices. Uniforms must be purchased from Land's End.

Does Cornerstone participate in SB10?

We do, but we take each case on an individual basis. Please contact our Director of Admissions Amy Freiler to discuss your individual needs.


Where does Cornerstone Prep stand in regards to the Common Core Standards?

Our goal at Cornerstone Prep is to provide the best possible foundation for our students in order to equip them for higher education and life beyond. We want our students to have a broad and in-depth base of knowledge. We teach so that our students also gain understanding, which leads to wisdom in applying their knowledge.
From our inception, we have looked closely at Georgia standards to be sure we are meeting or exceeding those standards. With the Common Core Standards, we are doing the same, and when we find benchmarks that would enhance what we are doing, we strive to make adjustments that will benefit our students and better prepare them. We will never compromise content or what we think is important for our students to know. As a private school, we are not obligated to any particular state standards nor their ties to federal funding.

Why does Cornerstone leave 6th grade with the elementary school instead of having them move up to a true middle school?

From the inception of the school, the decision was made to keep 6th grade as part of elementary. This was done from years of experience, especially with boys, who do not yet have the skills needed to navigate all the different teachers and organization needed for entering middle school.
Having 6th-graders with our elementary students also allows them to feel like leaders rather than the youngest in middle school. It gives our students the time to mature so that 7th and 8th grade and the new pressures that come with that are more manageable. Looking back at the success rate of not only our 6th-graders, but also seeing how well our 7th- and 8th-graders do, this was certainly the right decision!

How do students receive assignments?

Assignment sheets for grades K-4 will be posted on ParentsWeb each week for parents and students to view and print from home. Students in grades 5-12 will access assignments through Google Classroom.
Lesson plans for elementary students (grades K-6) are available to print each Friday morning for the upcoming week. Lesson plans for secondary students in grades 7-10 are available to view and print each Saturday morning for the upcoming week. Lesson plans for juniors are available on a monthly basis. Lesson plans for seniors are available on a semester basis.

What colleges have your graduates attended?

100 percent of our graduates who apply to college are accepted. Since 2014, our graduates have earned a combined total of over $9 million in scholarships! And that amount does not include the HOPE Scholarship and Zell Miller Scholarship. Graduates who are awarded scholarships earn an average of $102,000 each.
We are proud to say that 82% of our graduates have been HOPE/Zell Miller qualified. For a full list of the colleges where our graduates have been accepted and where they attend, please click here.

What are Cornerstone's average SAT/ACT scores?

  • SAT: 1150
  • ACT: 26

To view Cornerstone Prep's scores in comparison to local, state, and national scores, please click here.

What type of Standardized Testing does Cornerstone require of its students?

We administer the CTP5 Online test every spring to our 3rd- through 8th-graders. This test measures student achievement and ability. We also administer the PSAT to our 9th- through 11th-graders each fall. Cornerstone students score well above average on all of these tests.

What is Cornerstone Virtual Academy?

Cornerstone Prep has a variety of virtual/online classes available to our enrolled students. The availability of taking virtual classes allows us to offer a broader option of classes and add additional AP classes. It also allows us to offer classes that meet at a time that works for the student if our regular classes aren’t available to them because of a schedule conflict.
Cornerstone Virtual Academy (CVA) is open to current Cornerstone high school students, who have been enrolled for at least one year, with classes available for the following purposes: scheduling conflicts, credit recovery, AP classes, and electives not offered on campus. A student may take a maximum of two online classes per semester. Enrollment in CVA classes is subject to the director of school counseling's approval and requires a CVA advisement meeting with both student and parent.

Does Cornerstone offer AP classes?

Currently, we offer AP World History, AP U.S. History, AP Literature, AP Computer Science, AP Human Geography, and AP Calculus. Students can also take various AP classes via the Cornerstone Virtual Academy.

What curriculum does Cornerstone use?

We have a traditional curriculum that meets or exceeds both state standards and core curriculum. Although there are elements of classical education, we are primarily a traditional school. Our curriculum is overseen by our two principals who strive to choose the best curriculum for use in both the on-campus classroom and the off-campus classroom. All curriculum is chosen with two over-riding principles: college-prep and as hands-on/cross-curricular as possible, depending on the grade level. Click here to view our book list.
Each year the administrative staff reviews our curriculum to see if it is meeting our students' needs. To truly understand our school model and philosophy, attend an Information Meeting.

Which Language Arts program is used in Kindergarten through second grade?

We have adopted the Superkids program for grades K-2. Authored by former teacher and founder of American Girl dolls Pleasant Rowland, Superkids encompasses all of the necessary elements for a balanced literacy program: phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, guided reading, and guided writing. With its emphasis on positive character traits and quality literature, Superkids is a great fit for our program.

What about student internships?

Qualified juniors and seniors can participate in our internship program. This program allows students real life experience under the supervision of our director of school counseling.

Does Cornerstone require cursive writing?

Cornerstone requires cursive writing in grades 4-6. We believe this is an important skill for all of our students to master.

Is it possible for my child to move up or down a grade level in certain subjects?

One of the wonderful things about our University-Model® system is it allows us the flexibility of meeting the students' needs individually, not taking a cookie-cutter approach to education. It is possible to move students up or down one grade level in elementary or two grade levels in secondary. Cornerstone offers placement testing as part of the admissions process to help the admissions committee with grade level placement, which is discussed during the family interview.

Do I have to register to homeschool if my child does not take a full load at Cornerstone?

A full load at Cornerstone is considered to be seven classes in elementary and six classes in secondary (including core subjects, but not including lunch or study hall).

If your child does NOT take a full load at Cornerstone, you will need to register to Homeschool using the Home Study Program Declaration of Intent. This should be filed with the state school superintendent by September 1 or within 30 days of starting homeschooling.

Student Life

Does Cornerstone have a lunch program?

Yes! Students can order a hot lunch every day from Eastside Catering or bring lunch from home. Lunches rotate through different menus. On Fridays, secondary students have a special treat with "Fast Food Fridays." Lunches must be pre-ordered and paid for one month in advance, including Fast Food Friday.

What is IMPACT?

Each year, during the week before spring break, high school students at Cornerstone Prep experience school outside the classroom walls. For six months leading up to IMPACT week, students meet monthly during lunch sessions in teams, preparing for their chosen mission. During this required week, students make real life connections between their faith and classroom learning by participating in their chosen IMPACT team.
Students are encouraged to lead, serve, and learn through IMPACT. When teams return, written reflections are due, providing an additional opportunity for students to cultivate and improve their communication skills, enhance their college resumes, and allow this week to impact their lives.
Teams have traveled to Guatemala, London, Ecuador, Colorado, New York City, rebuilt homes locally and in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, studied forensics and aviation, spent a week at a local homeless center, and much more. Teams and trips change annually to allow students numerous mission opportunities before they graduate. IMPACT strengthens our students and school by leaving our classroom walls to impact our community and the world for Christ. Learn more here.

What is Cornerstone Cares?

Cornerstone Cares is an opportunity for our middle school, elementary students, and families to walk beside those in our community to lend a helping hand and offer the tangible love of Jesus. As we reach out to those who have needs that we can meet in some way, our prayer is they will see the light of Jesus and give Him the glory.
Cornerstone Cares will be incorporated into our elementary and middle school grade level field trips. Learn more here.

Does Cornerstone allow school dances?

Cornerstone does have school-sponsored dances for our secondary students, grades 7-12. There is a middle school no-date dance and a high school Homecoming dance and Homecoming Court. Also, each spring, there is a Junior-Senior Prom.

Extracurricular Activities

What type of sports programs does Cornerstone offer?

Cornerstone offers competitive sports teams for secondary students, grades 7-12, through our league, Georgia Association of Private and Parochial Schools (GAPPS). Our teams have won numerous district, regional, and state championships. See the athletics tab on our website for a full listing of our sports offerings. If there is enough interest in starting a sport, our athletic director is willing to support that team!
For elementary students, K-6 grades, an intramural program is available to help prepare the students for competitive sports teams. Currently we offer junior cross country, basketball, volleyball, flag football, and soccer as part of the intramural program.

What other activities does Cornerstone offer students?

Student life is extremely active at Cornerstone Prep. Director of Student Ministries and Campus Pastor Brandon Nolan keeps the elementary and secondary student life calendars interesting and full. Elementary students have chapel twice a month, and secondary students meet weekly for the Gathering, which includes chapel. Visit the student life tab on our website for all clubs and activities. Additionally, Cornerstone offers a myriad of electives during the school day for both elementary and secondary students.