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Guidelines for Transfer Credit

Cornerstone Preparatory Academy accepts application for transfer credit from any student who is currently enrolled at Cornerstone or who is entering Cornerstone for the first time. The application will be reviewed and approved by the secondary principal and college guidance counselor before credit will be granted. Please review the procedures for acceptance of transfer credit and submit an application accordingly. Simply turning in an application for transfer credit does not ensure approval. The class submitted for transfer MUST be equivalent in content, level, and rigor offered by Cornerstone Prep.


All transfer credit requests will be reviewed on an individual basis. Approved transfer credits will be added to a student’s transcript upon completion of one full year of classes at Cornerstone and completed registration for the following school year. While credit may be granted for transferred courses, the academy will only recognize actual course grades earned at accredited institutions.

Please Note

  • Please refer to the school catalog for the course description to ensure all general requirements of the course have been met.
  • Each application must include documentation of the student’s work in order to process the application. Please refer to the Transfer Credit section of the school catalog for more information or contact the secondary principal.
  • Cornerstone Prep may request additional documentation for this course.
  • Although Cornerstone may accept this course for diploma credit, Cornerstone is not in a position to validate this course for any other educational institution.