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Steps to Admission


Attend an Information Meeting at Cornerstone Prep to receive an application package.


Review materials, discuss, and pray as a family.


Complete the application and submit with $200 ($100 application fee and $100 placement testing fee) for each student. Placement testing fee is nonrefundable.


Cornerstone Prep will arrange for placement testing, as well as a family interview.


Letter of acceptance/placement received with registration instructions. An acceptance letter does not automatically confirm a course schedule. Due to the nature of Cornerstone Prep, the registration process is wholly separate from the admissions process.


Submit to Cornerstone Prep’s registrar your child’s registration paperwork with nonrefundable registration and activity fees.


Receive confirmation of registration from registrar. Tuition and fees (nonrefundable) are now due in full, although a monthly payment plan can be arranged.


Required textbooks and uniforms may now be purchased.


Cornerstone Prep will take care of attendance reporting if you are a full-time student at Cornerstone. See catalog for qualifications. Registration as a homeschool student should be filed with the state superintendent by September 1 or within 30 days of school starting if you are not taking a full load of classes at Cornerstone.


Refund Policies

Placement testing fee is nonrefundable. Application fee is refunded only if a student is not accepted to Cornerstone Prep.

Registration and activity fees are nonrefundable.

Tuition is billed for the year (both semesters) but a family may withdraw from the school for fall semester and be released from their fall tuition by notifying the registrar by April 1 that they will not be attending fall semester. A family may withdraw from the school for spring semester and be released from their spring tuition by notifying the registrar by October 1 that they will not be returning for spring semester.

Unused tuition may be refunded if a family experiences death in their immediate family, loss of work, job transfer out of the area, a student or parent’s extended illness or for any course canceled by Cornerstone Prep. The full financial obligation for registered classes takes place when a signed registration form is turned into the office/registrar. Dropping any class or withdrawal from Cornerstone does not alter that financial obligation nor do discretionary changes in policies, procedures or curriculum by Cornerstone.

All fees are non-transferable from student to student. Any requests for exceptions to these refund policies should be made in writing to the Cornerstone Prep School Board for consideration.