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Tuition & Fees

At Cornerstone, your child will discover his or her God-given potential, make lifelong friends, learn to serve, and graduate ready to make a difference in their community and around the world. With tuition rates significantly less than comparative private schools in the area combined with the flexibility of the University Model, the value of a Cornerstone education is hard to match.

Tuition 2019-20


$170 per semester hour. One semester hour is a class which meets one period a week

Tuition will vary for individual students based on the number of hours or courses for which a student registers.
  • Exception: Kindergarten is not broken down by hour: $3,900 per year, not including fees.
  • Fourth grade science is a two semester hour course meeting for one period each Tuesday and Thursday at a cost of $680 per year. A full load of elementary classes is 14 hours (Math, English, Science, History, and Electives) meeting T-TH at a cost of $4,760 per year, not including fees.
  • A full load of secondary classes is 18-21 hours (Math, English, History, Science, and Electives) M-W-F at a cost of $6,120 or $7,140 per year, not including fees.


  • Tuition is due and payable in full for the year by midnight on May 1 (for families registered prior to May 1).
  • Tuition can be paid over 10 months, May through February, for an additional $10 per month.
  • A $25 fee will be charged for late payments (after midnight of the 10th), NSF returned checks, and monthly for any outstanding tuition remaining after the final payment is due.
  • If a tuition account becomes two months delinquent, Cornerstone reserves the right to withdraw the student from the academy, or deny registration for the following semester and to withhold the student’s grades, transcripts, or diploma until the Family Tuition Account is current or paid in full. Seniors whose Family Tuition Account is not paid in full prior to graduation will not be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies, nor will they receive their diploma, until the Family Tuition Account is paid in full.

Refund Policy

The full financial obligation for registered classes takes place when a signed registration form is turned into the office/registrar. Dropping any class or withdrawal from Cornerstone does not alter the financial obligation, nor do discretionary changes in policies, procedures, athletics, or curriculum by CPA. Schedule changes do not alter the class charges billed upon registration unless additional fees are incurred for the new classes.

Tuition is billed for the year (both semesters), but a family may withdraw from the school for fall semester by notifying the registrar in writing by midnight April 1, or withdraw from the school for spring semester by notifying the registrar in writing by midnight October 1 that they will not be returning for upcoming semester and they will be released from the tuition obligation.
Note: These dates do not apply to dropping individual classes, only complete withdrawal.
Unused tuition may be refunded if a family experiences death in their immediate family, loss of work, job transfer out of the area, a student’s or parent’s extended illness, or for any course canceled by Cornerstone.

Special Fees 2019-20

Admissions Fees

Application Fee: $100/student
Placement Testing Fee: $100/student
Applications and fees will be accepted throughout the year. 
Refund Policy:
  • The application fee is a refundable fee if a student is not accepted to Cornerstone.
  • The placement testing fee is nonrefundable.

Yearly Registration Fee

Current Students
  • $300/student ($750 family cap)
  • LATE RATE: $400/student ($1,000 family cap)
New Students
  • $400/student ($1,000 family cap)
  • LATE RATE: $500/student ($1,250 family cap)
The registration fee will be charged when an accepted student registers for classes and is due by midnight of the announced deadline in February. The new student and late registration fee is due after the two-week registration opportunity. 

Refund Policy: This is a nonrefundable fee

Yearly Activity Fee

Elementary (K-6): $125/student
Secondary (7-12): $225/student 
The yearly activity fee includes:
  • Yearbook
  • Chapels & T-Shirts
  • Student Insurance
  • Activities & Clubs
  • Secondary retreats
  • Competitions
  • Student entry to all athletic home games
  • School pictures
  • Technology safeguards
Refund Policy: This is a nonrefundable fee.

Other Fees (if applicable)

Standardized Testing Fee (Grades 3-11) $50
Study Hall (per semester hour) $85
Math Study Hall (per semester hour) $115
Material Fee/Lab Fee/Textbook Fee (per class, if applicable) $25-$200
Schedule Change Fee $25
Intramural Sports (elementary) $200 (-$50 early bird discount)
Secondary Sports (Grades 7-12) $400-600 (-$50 early bird discount)
High School IMPACT Week Price varies ($300-$3,000)
Senior/Graduation Fee $250
AP Course Fee (per year) $150
Late Pickup Fee $15+

Refund Policy: 

  • Material Fees: Material fees for core, Bible, and foreign language classes are not refundable after May 1 due to the school pre-purchasing textbooks and supplies.
  • Sports/Extracurricular Fees: All policies regarding tuition apply. No refunds, partial or otherwise, will be given to students temporarily barred from participation in athletic or other extracurricular activities due to academic or disciplinary problems. Athletic fees are due before the start of the season.

Other Financial Policies

  • Textbooks and uniforms are purchased by parents.
  • All fees are nontransferable from student to student.
  • Any requests for exceptions to these refund policies should be made in writing to the Cornerstone Prep School Board for consideration.