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Tuition & Fees

At the heart of all we do is the desire to provide a strong academic environment from a biblical worldview while strengthening the family relationship. Your child will discover his or her God-given potential, make lifelong friends, learn to serve, and graduate ready to make a difference in their community and around the world. 
family smiling with graduate
With tuition rates significantly less than comparative private schools in the area combined with the flexibility of the University-Model, the value of a Cornerstone education is hard to match.

Tuition 2022-23

$185 per semester hour + per class fees*
  • Kindergarten is not broken down by hour: $4,200 per year
  • One semester hour is a class which meets one period a week
Tuition and fees will vary for individual students based on the number of hours or courses for which a student registers.

Current Cornerstone Families: To calculate the exact cost of your tuition and fees, please login to the Family Portal and click on the General Information page, then the Billing and Cost Calculator tab.


SAMPLE Total Cost for New Full-Time Students

Provided below are examples of the average cost for new full-time students. Actual price will vary depending upon course selection.
Click here for an explanation and itemization of all fees.
Grade Level
Sample Tuition, Material Fees & Standardized Testing Fee for Full Load
(Payment plan available)
Sample Application, Registration & Activity Fees
(Due at time of submission)
Kindergarten $4,450 $745 $5,195
Elementary (3rd) $5,465 $745 $6,210
Middle School (8th) $8,310 $845 $9,155
High School (10th)* $8,520 $845 $9,365
*Not including IMPACT fees (Pricing varies: $300 - $3,000)

Note: Fees will decrease by $300 as a returning student (lower registration fee and no testing/application fees).


Fees 2022-23

Admissions, Registration, and Activity Fees
(included in sample cost)
Application Fee
(New Students Only)
*$75 for Re-application
Nonrefundable, unless an applicant is not accepted $100*
Placement/Testing Fee
(New Students Only)
Nonrefundable $120
Activity Fee
(All Students)
Nonrefundable, Includes:
  • Yearbook
  • Chapels & Shirts
  • Student Insurance
  • Activities & Clubs
  • Grades 7-12 retreat
  • Competitions 
  • Student entry to all home games
  • School pictures
  • Technology safeguards
$125 (K-6)
$225 (7-12)
Yearly Registration Fee
(All Students)
$400 per new student, $1,000 family cap (LATE Rate $500, $1,250 family cap),
$300 per current students and siblings, $750 family cap (LATE Rate $400, $1,000 family cap)
Material Fee / Textbook Fee
Materials fees per class range from $25-$50 based on grade level. Kindergarten material fees are $200.
Textbook fees are charged for classes in which the school provides the textbook.
Standardized Testing Fee (Grades K-11)
$50 (included in sample cost)
Study Hall (per semester hour)
Schedule Change Fee
Intramural Sports (elementary)

$200 (-$50 early bird discount available)

Secondary Only
Math Lab (required 7th grade through Alg II)
$100 (included in sample cost)
Science Lab Fee (required, grades 7-12)
$50-$150 based on course level (Included in sample cost)
High School IMPACT week (required, grades 9-12)
Price varies ($300-$3,000)
Washington, D.C. trip (optional, grade 8)  
Price varies based on transportation & tour options ($900-$1,500)
TREMONT trip (optional, grade 7)
Price varies based on transportation & number of attendees ($350-$400)
Senior/Graduation Fee (required)
Extracurricular Sports (7-12)


$400 - $600 based on sport (-$50 early bird discount)
Math Study Hall (available for middle school)
$130 per semester hour
Dual Enrollment Fee
CVA fee per class
$50 admin fee per course + 3-hr tuition rate/semester
AP course fee (per year)

Other Financial Policies

  • Payment
    • Tuition: Due on May 1 (for families registered prior to May 1). Monthly payment plans are available.
    • Admissions/Registration/Activity Fees: Due at time of submission
  • All fees are nontransferable from student to student.
  • Any requests for exceptions to the refund policies should be made in writing to the Cornerstone Prep School Board for consideration.