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The best way to see all our uniform options is visit the Lands' End site.

Lands' End Uniforms


  1. Elementary: Shirts must be tucked in. Secondary: Shirts may be worn untucked.
  2. Uniform should be neat, clean, pressed and not torn. It should fit properly, not tight or loose, modest length.
  3. Visible undershirts should be solid white, gray or black.
  4. Hair grooming should be modest and neat, with no unnatural color. Boys: above collar and off the eyes, no man buns. No facial hair for boys.
  5. No visible tattoos. No piercings other than earrings for girls.
  6. Non-uniform jackets, sweatshirts or any other outerwear may NOT be worn in the classroom and must be left in the book bag or locker. No hats in the school building.
  7. Accessory hair items should match/complement uniform or be Evergreen/Black Plaid.
  8. Skirts should be to the top of the knee. No shorter than 3” above the crease in the back of the knee.
  9. Secondary: Fridays are blue jean days with the appropriate school T-shirt. (Blue jeans should not be shorts or capri jeans.) Chacos, heels/strap recreational sandals, or tennis shoes may be worn on Fridays. Seniors may wear their senior shirt & blue jeans on Tue & Thu in lieu of regular uniform. 5th Friday special dress: jeans (long or cropped; no tears or holes), un-offensive T-shirt, and shoes of choice.
  10. No CPA athletic wear is permitted other than outerwear.
  11. Elementary: On Cornerstone Cares Collection Days, students wear their T-shirt with blue jeans (no holes or tears and should not be shorts, capri jeans or leggings). Footwear is the same as regular dress. Dress-As-you-Like, DAYL, will be every 5th Thursday. On DAYL, only bermuda length shorts. Leggings must be topped by a mid-thigh length tunic.

Please note that the Cornerstone online catalog always has the most up-to-date uniform information.


Cornerstone Uniform Guide

Upper Body Alone

  • Polo shirts, long or short sleeve with crest (black, evergreen, heather gray, or white)
  • Oxford or pinpoint shirts, long, three-quarter, or short sleeve with crest (white)
  • Peter Pan polo, ruffled or plain, long or short sleeve (white)
  • Turtleneck (white)


Upper Body Outerwear

  • Sweatshirt with optional crest (black or evergreen)
  • Sweater with crest (black, green, or pewter heather)
  • Fleece or Fleece Vest with crest (black or green)
  • Fleece Pea Coat Cardigan (pewter heather)
  • Crew and hooded pullover sweatshirts with embroidered logo
  • Official CPA athletics outerwear (jackets/sweatshirts)


Lower Body

  • Uniform pants (khaki or black) with khaki or dark solid color belt
  • Uniform shorts (khaki or black) with khaki or dark solid color belt

Girl Options

  • Solid skirt, skort, pants or kilt (khaki or black)
  • Plaid jumper or kilt (evergreen/black plaid)
  • Polo dress long or short sleeve (k-12) (evergreen)
  • Knit ruffle bottom dress (k-6) (evergreen)
  • Solid bike shorts to wear under skirt (black or khaki)


  • Closed toe & heel shoes (solid brown/black/khaki color)
  • Mostly white or black or grey athletic shoes w/ white or black shoelaces
  • No military boots, Crocs, high heels, or print-patterned shoes
  • Solid color socks are required (black, evergreen, khaki, gray, or white)
  • Girls may choose tights or leggings in those same colors.

P.E. Uniform, Secondary

  • T-shirt with crest (heather gray)
  • Shorts (black)
  • Optional sweatshirt and/or sweatpants (black)