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Each year, during the week before spring break, high school students at Cornerstone Prep experience school outside their classroom walls. For six months leading up to IMPACT week, students meet monthly during lunch sessions in teams, preparing for their chosen mission. During this required week, students make real life connections between their faith and classroom learning by participating in their chosen IMPACT team.

Students are encouraged to lead, serve, and learn through IMPACT. When teams return, written reflections are due, providing an additional opportunity for students to cultivate and improve their communication skills, enhance their college resumes and allow this week to impact their lives.


Sewing Kindness January Meeting
Tina Souza

Madelyn Orton

Today the IMPACT group sewing kindness met. We made pillowcases for those with cancer. First, we watched a video explaining how to do this. Then, we got to work pinning, ironing, and sewing the pillowcases. We will complete the unfinished pillowcases on IMPACT week. 

Meredith Orton

For the January meeting of Sewing Kindness IMPACT group, we began to sew pillowcases. We started off by watching the instructional video on how to sew these pillowcases. Today’s goal was to introduce to everyone how the pillowcases are made. We will finish making them during IMPACT week. Since these pillowcases are going to children with cancer, we had to modify the pillowcases a little. We can not add an accent piece because it could cause irritation to the children’s skin. I was amazed to hear how many pillowcases are made each month for children with cancer. This makes me even more excited about the work we are doing and how this group is IMPACTing our community.  

Mary Faith Upham

Sewing Kindness has really taught me how far you can go with sewing. It is so much more than sewing a pillowcase for your younger sister. This past couple of weeks, we have pinned fabric to prepare to sew and sewn toiletry kits for women. These toiletry kits are extremely simple but so impactful for women in need. Today we pinned and sewed pillowcases for children with cancer. It is amazing how something as simple as a pillowcase and a woman's toiletry kit can brighten someone's day. I have loved learning how to take something so simple and making a big difference with it.

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  • Sewing Kindness
SIFAT January Meeting
Tina Souza

Rachel Shannon

January 25th’s IMPACT meeting was by far the most thought-provoking and influential meeting our SIFAT group has had yet. We were privileged to have a former Cornerstone graduate that has now successfully graduated college speak to us about the three month period she spent as a missionary in a country where spreading the gospel is illegal. From the moment she stated that for safety concerns, she could not even divulge the exact country she visited, I was captivated. I found her experience both intriguing and courageous. Miss Latimer explained the details of visiting the south-east Asian country as a “tourist” through a “travel agency”, which is, in fact, a missionary organization described as a travel agency. Her trip came to life to us high schoolers, as she displayed the colorful pictures of a culture bowing to Buddhist statues and the inside of an underground church she attended. The urgency of spreading the gospel to this UPG land, unreached people groups, was augmented as vivid photographs of people Miss Latimer desperately tried to share the saving gospel message with popped up on the screen. Our IMPACT group was introduced to new terms, such as UPGs (unreached people groups), the 10/40 window, a vast spread of land reaching across nearly the entire eastern hemispheric section of the equator which contains the most unreached people groups, and BAM (business as mission), in which missionaries build a small business as a method to spread the gospel to countries where being a missionary is illegal. Miss Latimer also delved into the precautions they had to take on their trip: they could not talk about anything pertaining to Christianity while in public, and if someone approached them directly asking about the Gospel, it was most likely a trap set by the government to find and arrest missionaries! Overall, Miss Latimer’s stories were fascinating and truly brought what it looks like to be a selfless missionary to life. Because of her talk with our IMPACT group, I am looking forward to experiencing SIFAT more now than ever before!

  • IMPACT2019
Pathways of Paul January Meeting
Tina Souza

Braden Rhein

For this IMPACT meeting, my favorite part about the meeting was how we discussed the different types of foods we will be trying and eating in Greece! It got me excited because I love food, and I am looking forward to trying all the new dishes that are traditional favorites to the country. We also discussed how we will be reading and journaling through the book of Acts as we go along in the journey to discover a world written about in the Bible. This encouraged me to read the book of Acts now so that I can live out what I read in the  Bible and to see it and get a perspective that was written about thousands of years ago that I will be able to interpret today. 

  • IMPACT2019
  • Pathways of Paul
Surf's Up January Meeting
Tina Souza

Scott Everill

January's IMPACT meeting was very different from what I expected. I walked into the room and Mrs. Richardson introduced us to the Enneagram test. The test is designed to classify people into specific groups based on their personality. As we shared our results, it was amazing how accurate the test was. It was an amazing way to help us understand each other in a deeper way so that we can work as a seamless group as we minister during IMPACT week. 

  • IMPACT2019
  • Surf's Up
iVamos a Ecuador! January Meeting
Tina Souza

Olivia Eaton

As the time is coming closer and closer to when we leave, I am getting more and more excited.  For January's meeting, Pastor Pablo came and gave us information about our schedule, packing lists, and the places we will be ministering.  We will be in Quito for a total of eleven days, and will get to serve in places like FUNAPACE (Cerebral Palsy Students), Pablo's home church, JESS (a Christian school), and take an overnight trip to the rainforest during our time there.  When we came in for our meeting, we got right to it with Dunkin' Donuts and discussion.  We went over our strategy to brave the Atlanta airport, design for our shirts, and plan to win the video contest.  I love that we have the opportunity as a team to get to know Pablo and his wife before we leave, and I can already tell that they are a special couple who have spent so much time planning the details of our trip.  For me as a planner, the schedule they gave out that planned our trip by the hour was really helpful to visualize our time there and the impact we will make.  I love each of the people on the team and cannot believe I have the opportunity to do this with them.  I am beyond excited to be going with Cornerstone for my first mission trip outside of the country, and cannot wait to see all that God does through our incredible team and leaders!

  • IMPACT2019
  • iVamos a Ecuador!
Wonderous Works January Meeting
Tina Souza

Megan Ingram

I'm excited about this IMPACT as a whole because I'm very artistic and that's what this whole trip is centered on. I think it's so cool that we're working with SCAD because that's actually a college that I'm considering going to. In the devotionals that we do, I learned that although times may get difficult or we don't really have everything planned out, that's okay because God has a perfect plan for us. I can't wait to spend more time with this awesome group of people.


  • IMPACT2019
  • Wonderous Works
Standing Firm January Meeting
Tina Souza

Madeleine Odom

This IMPACT meeting, we learned about the dark topic of sex trafficking and had a speaker from Sunrise Ministries, an organization that aids victims. What Sunrise Ministries is doing is absolutely wonderful, and I can barely imagine what some people have been through. I also will keep in mind that prayer is powerful, and whenever I find someone in need of it, I will pray and trust the Lord to help them. Perhaps one day I will even join or start a ministry to help those who are hurting.  

  • IMPACT2019
  • Standing Firm
So You Think You Can Dance? November Meeting
Melita Conrey

Alex Swanson

Learning how to waltz was never the way I expected my IMPACT to go. I had originally put “So You Think You Can Dance?” as my second option. Dance had never interested me, though I had always been told that I was good at it. However, I’m glad I was put into this group, and grateful for it. Not enjoying dance, I did not have a highly enthusiastic outlook going into the first meeting. My mindset was changed as soon I began, though. Today, we learned to waltz. I had always wondered how dancers glided gracefully across the floor as if walking on air. Getting the chance to learn that myself, I was ecstatic. The steps were simpler than I expected and within a few tries, I was stepping and turning as easily as any dancer. I was astonished to learn that what I assimilated in ten minutes took some people seven hours to master. Finishing the waltz, one of my favorites, we moved onto another, more peppy style of dance. Latin. Fast steps. Quick turns. I was extremely excited. I loved a challenge and speed was right up my alley. We only got a few steps in before IMPACT meetings were over, but I cannot wait until my next meeting, when I get to continue learning both elegant and lively dances. In all, my outlook on dance has forever been changed, and I am extraordinarily grateful for this opportunity to learn while incorporating my love for physical activity and music.

  • IMPACT2019
  • So You Think You Can Dance?
Surf's Up November Meeting
Tina Souza

Grace Chapman

In November's IMPACT meeting, we talked about the meaning of leadership and to be a servant leader. Our group discussed the importance of serving with joy and how joy can spread the gospel through service and giving. Unlike other teams, our service project is going to be planned by the students! We have been divided up into teams to strategize and plan for the week, organizing service projects to do throughout the city. Each team has about four members and all have an important role in creating opportunities to impact others. I am looking forward to seeing what our teams come up with, and how this will bring us together to have an awesome IMPACT week! 

Nathan Donovan

This IMPACT team immediately caught my eye when it was presented, and as soon as I went home I told my mom that this was the IMPACT trip I wanted to do. Since then it has been an adventure, and I have been so blessed to be a part of this trip. I am so excited about what’s going to happen, especially for the bonds that will be made with my friends. I know everyone on this team but not as well as I would like, so I am going to use this trip to build those friendships. This trip is more than just that though. It is about serving together for the betterment of people, and that serving will inevitably build friendships that will last forever. Sure, we will have fun, but we will also step outside of ourselves and serve together while we’re on this trip. I am so excited, and am ready to get on those waves!

Levi Willoughby

I am so excited about this Coco Beach IMPACT trip. In the few meetings that we have had up to this point, we have already grown closer and gotten to know each other better.  This group is special. I am already very close with the seniors in this group, and I can't wait to spend more time with them. I am very thankful for everyone in this group, especially our leaders. They are taking so much time to pour into us, and it means a lot to all of the seniors in this group. The fact that this group is so close already is a really neat thing.  I can't wait for IMPACT 2019.  

  • IMPACT2019
  • Surf's Up
Ark Encounter November Meeting
Melita Conrey

Caleb Pilgrim

I really enjoyed getting to watch the video of the Christmas light show on the side of the model of the ark. The video of the archeologist explaining the story of Christmas from a different non-tradition based perspective was also very interesting. I was surprised to see how much of what people believe is actually inaccurate to what really happened.

  • Ark Encounter
  • IMPACT2019