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Each year, during the week before spring break, high school students at Cornerstone Prep experience school outside their classroom walls. For six months leading up to IMPACT week, students meet monthly during lunch sessions in teams, preparing for their chosen mission. During this required week, students make real life connections between their faith and classroom learning by participating in their chosen IMPACT team.

Students are encouraged to lead, serve, and learn through IMPACT. When teams return, written reflections are due, providing an additional opportunity for students to cultivate and improve their communication skills, enhance their college resumes and allow this week to impact their lives.


Melita Conrey

Kaelyn Eeles

In the last IMPACT meeting I learned more about my leaders and my peers. Talking about what we will encounter on the IMPACT trip makes me very excited about the coming trip. I realize it is a wonderful opportunity that I can go on this amazing trip and being able to physically do the activities. I am very excited for more IMPACT meetings, and getting ready to go on some Backyard Adventures.

  • Backyard Adventures
  • IMPACT2019
Thrill of Hope October Meeting
Melita Conrey

Elijah Cundiff

I thought this IMPACT meeting was a fun one. We started with learning something about everyone to get to know each other better, and I learned some cool things about the people I’m going on my trip with. I also learned more about what we are doing and why we are going to serve the kids in Florida.

Laura Grace Crews

Our last IMPACT meeting was super exciting! Every time we meet the more I cannot wait to serve at Hope Children's Home in Tampa. I hope that our work at the children's home will be beneficial to the people and children living there, and honoring to God. During our time of service during IMPACT week, I hope to spread the Gospel by our words and actions so that the people we meet may be impacted by us. My heart is so full just thinking about the kids that we will help, and I am so grateful to God that He has given me the opportunity to serve these children!

Anna Capozza

Our IMPACT meeting was very exciting. I enjoyed meeting the members on my team I did not know. This meeting helped me grow closer with friends I already had and it helped me grow new friendships. We played a game called speed dating, so I learned an interesting fact about everyone on my team, even my leaders. This game helped me learn peoples dislikes, interests, or something funky about themselves. We also talked about what we will be dong on our trip, and we wrote a letter to the owner of the children's home we will be going to. It helped me gain a perspective on what this home is doing, and how I can serve my purpose there. I am so blessed to be on this trip this year, and I will continue to pray for my team and the place we are going. 
  • IMPACT2019
  • Thrill of Hope
If the World Were a Golfball October Meeting
Melita Conrey

Jake Bussiere

This is my first year participating in IMPACT. I was a little anxious when I saw our group list because I realized that none of my friends would be with me.Then we watched a video about laminin. We learned that laminin is a protein that each of us has in our body. I thought, "hey, we all have something in common." Maybe this laminin will be the glue that sticks our group together and allows us to get to know each other better while serving others.

  • If the World Were a Golfball
  • IMPACT2019
Pathways of Paul October Meeting
Melita Conrey

Rose Mullinax

I’m excited to see the places that Paul went during his journey through Greece in person with other believers. In addition, I’m curious to see how a trip so long ago will affect God’s disciples on a visit to modern Greece. Furthermore, I am can’t wait to see how our group’s experience in a different part of the world will reshape our relationships with God. I learned that several of Greece’s previous “god’s” were simple and just like humans in retrospect to our sin nature.

  • IMPACT2019
  • Pathways of Paul
Standing Firm October Meeting
Melita Conrey

Eliana Jansick

We began our second IMPACT meeting with the introduction of a new group member, Mackenzie Sparks! She told us a little bit about herself and then we dove into discussing our service project for the week. Because one of our team’s focus is learning to defend ourselves as women, we will be making jewelry that will be sold to benefit other women in difficult situations. Following this, we shared ideas for an activity we could do on our fun day. Suggestions included paintball, ziplining, and trampolining! Hopefully, we will be able to make a final decision at our next meeting. After we finished discussing IMPACT week, Mrs. Eeles shared a few things we would be doing to prepare for the week. The whole group will attempt to memorize Ephesians 6:10-13, a passage of the Bible that teaches about spiritually defending ourselves using the Armor of God. We were also challenged to grow in our physical strength by participating in a push-up and plank challenge. At our next meeting we will share our progress in these challenges and encourage each other to continue to progress in them!

Kennedy Kington

At our last IMPACT meeting there was a new member that joined.  We had so much fun and started to really get to know one another. The two amazing leaders, Mrs. Monica Smith, and Mrs. Angela Eeles have done an outstanding job of keeping us engaged with fun icebreakers and candy. I, personally, think I will have so much fun learning how to defend myself and to grow in my faith with these amazing women.

  • IMPACT2019
  • Standing Firm
Video Heroes October Meeting
Melita Conrey

In our IMPACT meeting on Friday, the Video Heroes team set up a multi-camera film shoot and we learned how to edit the video we filmed. This was the first time we all worked together as a team and it was a really neat thing to see come together. I have always loved watching behind the scenes videos of the filming of movies and TV shows so being able to actually be behind the scenes, even for just a short little music clip, was a really cool experience for me. I am excited to continue working with my team and to watch all the videos we are going to make come together!

  • IMPACT2019
  • Video Heroes
So You Think You Can Dance? October Meeting
Melita Conrey

Over the past two months, we've had two IMPACT meetings for the "So You Think You Can Dance" group. over that time we have learned Salsa dancing and the Fox Trot, which were both very fun. I reconnected with old friends and made new ones it also made me more comfortable around people I don't know that well.

  • IMPACT2019
  • So You Think You Can Dance?
Ark Encounter October Meeting
Melita Conrey

Garrett Justice

This week’s IMPACT meeting was really interesting.  We discussed the ark pamphlets that we were given during our last meeting and some good points were made.  I specifically was interested in how the ark was managed in regards to animal care and storage. I am looking forward to seeing the museum and all of the amazing exhibits.

  • Ark Encounter
  • IMPACT2019
Wonderous Works October Meeting
Melita Conrey

Brooke Williams

Today in our second IMPACT meeting for Wonderous Works, we broke into groups and discussed what we will be doing throughout the week. My group came up with Bible stories and crafts to do at the Preschool that we will be working with. We are going to be talking about the lost sheep and doing a craft with it. Jake did a devotion for the week and it was about being made in the image of God and I think that it was important for all of us to hear. 

Jake Auton

I started the meeting off with a devotional about how we are all made in the image of God. We should treat ourselves and others accordingly. Next, we split up into groups to prepare for our first activity. My group included myself, Matthew (Kevin) Barber, Justin Black, and Caleb Setzler. We searched the internet for inspirational quotes to encourage teachers at Cornerstone. Our leader, Mrs. Stone, is going to look over them and choose the best ones. She also gave us full sized candy bars to energize us for the day. We worked on the quotes until the end of the meeting, and I had a blast doing it.

  • IMPACT2019
  • Wonderous Works
If the World Were a Golfball 2 October Meeting
Melita Conrey

Lilli Pascoe

Today at our IMPACT meeting we learned a little bit about the aquifer system and how we can help. We also watched a video about a guy talking about cells, and how we truly are a miracle. He mentioned this one cell as his ending. The cell was called the laminin cell, and it is the glue of our body almost. In other words it keeps us, all of our systems, and over all body together. Now, the real mind blowing part is that the laminin is in the shape of a cross. That was really mind blowing, and interesting to me, and I do believe it is a sign from God.

Lexie Rule

In the second IMPACT meeting of the year, our team watched a video on an amazing topic. Louie Giglio, a talented and God-fearing pastor presented a beautiful message that combined both the spiritual world and scientific world. He spoke on the topic of laminin: the protein within our bodies that holds us together like glue. This is the amazing part: this protein takes shape in the exact shape of a cross. This is yet another miraculous beauty within this world that even further proves God's creative and ornate design. This was very IMPACTful on everyone sitting in the room.This meeting and this incredible fact that we found out was definite foreshadowing of the week we will have for our trip later this year. The team also went out to the greenhouse where we observed how the aquaponics system works as well as how it reaches out and helps the world. It is safe to say that we are all looking forward to a week spent with friends while serving others under the protection of our amazing God who not only holds our spiritual selves together, but is powerful enough to have created the laminin that holds our physical selves together. What an amazing God we have! 

  • If the World Were a Golfball 2
  • IMPACT2019