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Cougar Quarantine Blog

boy video chatting with friend

Relationships are vital for a meaningful life. Pastor Nolan reminds us of the importance of staying connected with family and friends during this time of social distancing.

Creating a Spiritually Productive Atmosphere

Each day Pastor Nolan has been encouraging our Cornerstone families. Today he challenges us to think about the mental and spiritual environment we create. Is it toxic or productive? Does it take a huge shift or small tweaks to improve your environment?

people skydiving out of a plane

What is something you’ve always wanted to do but never tried? Pastor Nolan explains how the proper mindset is critical to accomplishing our dreams and enjoying the journey.

ham sandwich

Words are great and powerful, but they can be used for harm instead of good if we aren't careful. Pastor Nolan reminds us to focus on the ultimate Word that saves.

brandon nolan portrait headshot

Pastor Brandon Nolan, director of student ministries, encourages and uplifts the Cornerstone family during our distance learning days.