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Elementary Campus Life

Student Life

What fun is school without relationships? Our elementary student life program provides opportunities for students to deepen relationships with one another, their families, and their teachers, all while taking a break from the traditional school routine.

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Mother-Son Game Day

Elementary Family Campout

Author Visits

Read Across America Celebration

Book Fair

Grandparents Day

Special Dress Days

Class Field Trips

Field Day

Fall Family Festival

Spring Fling

Examples of our elementary student life activities include:
  • Family Connection Events
    • Daddy-Daughter Dance
    • Mother-Son Game Day
    • Family Campout (all school event)
  • Literary Activities
    • Author Visits
    • "Read Across America" Celebration
    • Book Fair
  • Grandparents Day
  • Special Dress Days
    • Homecoming Spirit Week
    • 5th Friday Special Dress/Pajama Day
  • Class Field Trips and Parties
  • Field Day
  • Fall Family Festival (all school event)
  • Spring Fling (all school event)

Spiritual Life

Our chapels, which are typically held twice a month, provide students with opportunities for praise and worship through a variety of creative expressions while learning about the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Spiritual growth is then cultivated both intellectually and emotionally through ongoing application of biblical principles in the classroom and at home.

Examples of our types of chapels include:
  • Bible Lessons: We gather to learn how to put actions to our faith using practical, age-appropriate lessons from God’s Word.
  • Celebrations: These Gatherings provide a time for us to celebrate special events including Veteran’s Day, the Reformation, Jesus’s birth, President’s Day, and others. These chapels are fun and usually provide students the opportunity to dress up in a special way.