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Family Ministries Blog

Brandon Nolan

If you are like me, then you are looking forward to spring break. Whether you are staying home or going away, a week of no schoolwork, no official schedule, and no packing lunches sounds heavenly!

My family does not officially have plans yet. That’s usually how we roll. But, I’m looking forward to the week off after spending five days with my Seeking Sasquatch IMPACT team in the Appalachian foothills with 13 high school students. If you ask any of the other IMPACT leaders or any of the students they’d all give a shout of praise for spring break's perfect timing! 

Even though I’m looking forward to this much needed break, it was my computer that helped me realize what I should gain from a week away. I opened up the computer, typed in my password, and there it was in the bottom right corner, a message attached to an upward pointing icon. It said, “Restart to Update”. I don’t know how my computer knew what I needed, but a restart was definitely it!

Just as my computer will sometimes need a restart to refresh the operating system, so do we all.  Also, it’s by no coincidence that the symbol for a restart is an upward pointing arrow because recalibration always comes from above. As we head into spring break, I want to encourage you all.

To My Fellow Co-Workers
May your time away with family over spring break be filled with joy and laughter. Allow the Lord to rejuvenate you and prepare you for the final days of this semester. Rest well and come back energized to keep doing what you do best because your gifts of discipleship and teaching are a blessing to the whole school community.   

To My Fellow Parents
This will be the best spring break your family has ever experienced….don’t be afraid to declare it! Take time to play those games and go on that hike that you haven’t been able to over the last several months. Enjoy an Easter service and family dinners and take in every ounce of sunlight you can get. Rest, rejoice, and restart because it's going to be non-stop until the end of the school year.

To Students of all Ages
I know I don’t have to tell you to enjoy your time off from school, but I will encourage you to take a rest. Get some good sleep since you don’t have to study late. Stay hydrated with your non-clear water bottles. When your parents make a suggestion for a family hike, go with them. You need a restart sometimes, too. So take this opportunity to enjoy some relaxation, your family, and time with the Lord.

And seniors, count this as your last high school system update before you graduate. I know you are currently in a state of mixed emotions. You desperately need to be done with high school yet you are realizing that the last “lasts” are happening. Use this break as a reminder that you only have one more month on campus at Cornerstone. One more month to inspire and motivate those around you. One more month to speak life into and be an example to the students younger than you. Let spring break be a time to refresh your perspective so you enjoy every last second and seize every last opportunity. The Lord knows you are ready to move forward, but don’t miss out on His plan for how He will use you during your last high school days. You have done so well so finish strong for yourself, for your parents, and for the glory of the Lord!