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Secondary Student Life


Friday Gatherings

Students gather on Fridays to learn, grow, and build their faith in the Lord. Here are the different ways we gather:

  • Chapel Gatherings, where students have applicable Bible lessons, worship, and prayer.
  • HS only - IMPACT Gatherings, where students plan and team build in preparation for IMPACT teams in the spring.
  • MS only - Cornerstone Cares Gatherings, where students plan and prepare for the K-8 Cornerstone Cares Day Service Day in the spring.
  • House and Team Challenge Gatherings, where students enjoy healthy competitions.
  • Special Gatherings, where students have guest speakers, guest musical groups, and student assemblies.


High School House System

  • All of our high school students are inducted into a House. We have eight Houses with staff leaders and student council members. Our Houses compete with each other to earn points throughout the year.


Grow Groups

  • High school student-led prayer groups before school once per month.


Student Life Groups

Student Life Groups are comprised of students who have an interest in a particular area and meet for enjoyment.

  • Spanish Club (once per month, before school)
    • High school students who learn more about and experience the Spanish culture.
  • Chess Club (during lunch)
    • Middle & high school students who compete in the game of chess.
  • Writers Guild Club (once per month, before school)
    • High school students who enjoy creative writing.
  • STEM Club (once per month, after school)
    • High school students who share the love of science and engineering.
  • Debate (once per month, after school)
    • High school students learning and practicing healthy and godly ways to beneficially debate.
  • Students For Life (once per month, before school)
    • High school students who learn about the sanctity of life and promote the pro-life stance.
  • Animal Ambassadors (once per month, after school)
    • Middle & high school students who enjoy caring for and helping animals.
  • Bright (once per month, after school)
    • Middle and high school girls prayer group.
  • First Wednesday (once per month, first Wednesday before school)
    • Middle & high school students establishing a student-led core of believers to worship, learn, and lead together under Christ.
  • Various Bible Studies (once per month, Monday morning)
    • Middle and high school student-led study groups focusing on practical application of God's Word.
  • Battle of the Books (once per month, before school)
    • Middle school students read one/two books per month and compete in a quiz bowl at the end of the school year.


Ministry Teams

Student Life Ministry Teams are comprised of students who want to grow the spiritual life within the student body.

  • Worship Ministry Team
    • High school students who lead in school worship services including Chapel Gatherings and morning worship Gatherings.
  • Sports Ministry Team - FCA (once per month, before school)
    • High School students that assist coaches in all sports in prayer, devotions, and spiritual assistance as huddle leaders. Responsible for one student life activity each season.


Service Organizations

Student Life Service Organizations are comprised of students who want to serve their student body and community.

  • House Council (once per month, before House Gatherings)
    • High school students who represent their Houses in creating and planning student activities.
  • National Beta Club (once per month)
    • High school juniors and seniors with a 3.5 GPA or higher who learn the ideals of academic achievement, character, service, and leadership skills by serving others.
  • Leadership Academy (once per month, before school)
    • Thirty high school students per year in a leadership academy partnered with Chick-fil-A to plan and execute two service projects - one in December and one in April. 
  • Student Ambassadors/Lead2Feed (once per month, before school)
    • Middle School students who partner with Lead2Feed to learn leadership skills and work with charity to earn money for that charity and the school.