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Secondary Campus Life

Friday Gatherings

While we consider everything we do at Cornerstone, from academics to athletics to the arts, to be an act of worship, we also believe in the importance of gathering together as a body of believers to glorify our risen Savior and lean closer into his presence. Students gather on Fridays to learn, grow, and build their faith in the Lord.

  • Chapel - Students come together to sing praise songs and hear an impactful message from a Cornerstone staff member, a guest speaker, or a fellow student.
  • House Small Group Gatherings (high school only) - All of our high school students are inducted into a House at the beginning of their freshman year. Our eight Houses, led by school staff and high school seniors, are designed to foster fellowship among students and staff through small groups and mentorship.
  • Breakout Gatherings: Students choose a topic and a speaker that piques their interest to hear a biblically sound message from a school-partnered speaker.
  • IMPACT Gatherings (high school only) - Students plan and team build in preparation for IMPACT teams in the spring.
  • Heartbeat Worship Nights - Students of all ages are invited to participate in student-led worship nights throughout the school year. These nights also usually include a message given by a member of the Cornerstone community.


group of middle school students
At the beginning of each school year, secondary students attend a retreat, where they build strong friendships and focus their hearts and minds on growing their relationship with the Lord.
Middle school students and high school students participate in separate off-campus retreats. Close bonds are formed during activities in which students must depend on one another. Common activities include canoeing, swimming, navigating high ropes courses and soaring on zip lines. Students also engage in chapel services, team-building activities, and large-group games.
The cost of the retreat is included in the student activity fee so every student can participate. Retreats are chaperoned by Cornerstone faculty members and school administrators. 

Student Life Groups

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