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Leaving a Legacy

Two of our goals for our Cornerstone graduates are that they:
  • Demonstrate relatability and compassion for others
  • Are willing to step outside of their comfort zones for the sake of others
As part of our ongoing Leaving a Legacy initiative for high school students, it is our desire that students begin to self initiate and carry out individual service projects.
girl receiving baton from principal

Legacy Night

We welcome ninth-graders into high school with a Legacy night challenge, which is the first step toward the culmination of the Senior Legacy Project presentations just prior to graduation. During this special ceremony, our newest high school students are challenged to think about the legacy they want to leave during the next four years as they receive a commemorative baton.

Service Hours

To help our students develop their hearts toward service, our high schoolers must meet a minimum requirement of service hours each year prior to promotion or graduation.
For 9th-11th grade, half of the required hours must be served through the church they regularly attend; half of the required hours must be served in the community. Senior hours are part of their Senior Legacy Project.
senior giving a presentation

Senior Legacy Project

The culmination of our students' time at Cornerstone is their senior capstone project, during which they consider their God-given gifts, talents, interests, and passions as they explore a final in-depth service project. The Senior Legacy Project is not just about filling a community service hours requirement, but thinking deeply about making an ongoing difference in the lives of others. 
Components of the Senior Legacy Project include:
  • Community service focused on a social impact cause
  • Written research paper and reflection
  • Adjudicated oral presentation