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Spiritual Life

While we consider everything we do at Cornerstone, from academics to athletics to the arts, to be an act of worship, we also believe in the importance of gathering together as a body of believers to glorify our risen Savior and lean closer into his presence.

Our chapel program provides students with opportunities for praise and worship through a variety of creative expressions while learning about the importance of having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Spiritual growth is then cultivated both intellectually and emotionally through ongoing application of biblical principles in the classroom and at home.

Elementary Chapel - typically held twice a month

  • Bible Lessons: We gather to learn how to put actions to our faith using practical, age-appropriate lessons from God’s Word.
  • Celebrations: These gatherings provide a time for us to celebrate special events including Veteran’s Day, the Reformation, Jesus’s birth, President’s Day, and others. These chapels are fun and usually provide students the opportunity to dress up in a special way.

Secondary Chapel - typically held twice a month

  • Large group gatherings: Students come together to sing praise songs and hear an impactful message from a Cornerstone staff member, a guest speaker, or a fellow student.
  • Small group breakouts: Periodically, students are split into small groups led by a Cornerstone staff member or guest speaker to discuss spiritually-relevant topics in a more intimate setting that encourages deeper discussion.