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Around Cornerstone: News

Growing Opportunity: Eagle Scout Project brings Garden Classroom to Cornerstone


Caleb Pilgrim, 17, a senior at Cornerstone Prep and life scout from Troop 2096, is in the planning stage of building an outdoor garden classroom at Cornerstone. The classroom will be part of Caleb's Eagle project, a service project conducted as he seeks to attain the rank of Eagle Scout. 

To earn the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest attainable in American Boy Scouting, candidates must check off a lot of boxes. Scouts have to earn at least 21 merit badges, serve actively in the troop in different areas of responsibility, pass a board of review, and demonstrate leadership by successfully completing a service project to benefit the community. In addition, all of this, except passing the board of review, must be done before the Scout's 18th birthday.

It is quite an undertaking, and less than five percent of all Scouts become Eagles.



The planned garden classroom, adjacent to the greenhouse, will soon boast a place for teachers to provide an interesting outdoor learning experience and consequently increase overall use of the garden area. 

The projected plan includes:

  • Manufacture, assemble, and install an outdoor classroom in the Cornerstone Preparatory Academy garden area. 

  • Construct six benches that will accommodate 18 students. 

  • Build a podium from which the teacher can instruct. 

The total cost, including the expenses for sufficient safety equipment and supplies required by the Boy Scouts of America, will be approximately $750. 

Caleb will also request donations from Home Depot as well as local lumber yards to help offset the amount of money required to be raised. This project will also likely require additional help, and Caleb plans to initially recruit his troop in order to provide an opportunity for them to earn volunteer hours. In the event that recruiting from his troop is not sufficient, he will enlist the help of his brothers and friends. 

He hopes to have it all completed and ready to use by fall 2019. 

If you are interested in helping to fund this exciting project, please feel free to make a donation to Cornerstone Prep with a notation of "Outdoor Classroom.”