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High-Schoolers Lead, Learn, and Serve During IMPACT Week

If you found yourself on campus the Monday, Wednesday, or Friday before Spring Break, you may have noticed the building seemed a little quieter and emptier than usual. That’s because the majority of our high school students were off campus leading, learning, and serving with their IMPACT teams!

IMPACT is a week-long opportunity for all of our high school students to make lifelong connections between their faith and their classroom learning. Each team meets monthly leading up to IMPACT week. During these meetings, students are taught and encouraged to engage and impact the world for Jesus as well as bond together as a group. 

This year, our teams represented a variety of passions and interests, from walking in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul in Greece to learning sewing skills to benefit those in need in our local community. While the experiences were all widely different, they each shared a common mission: encouraging students to live out the gospel in their community here and elsewhere.

Click here to see a recap of all of the IMPACT experiences that were offered this year.

Click here to see photos from this year’s IMPACT adventures.

In Their Own Words…

“At the end of the [rappelling] excursion, I looked up and admired my journey down the cliff, but more importantly, the defeat of the fear of the unknown, the fear of discomfort, and the fear of inconvenience. For me, day two will not only be defined by fun, thrill, and adventure, but by the subjugation of fear itself and the triumph over complacency.” Matthew Garner, 10, Backyard Adventures


“Serving in our community is something that impacts the servant and the one being served. On Monday, March 24 when my IMPACT group went to Compton Elementary this proved to be true. When we began interacting with the children we were all shown the gift of giving back. The entire day was a fun and enjoyable experience to serve in our community” Austin Redd, 10, If the Earth Were a Golf Ball


“This entire trip has shown me how special the whole earth is and there is so much more to it than what we see on a daily basis.” Maggie Schaefer, 12, Vamos a Ecuador


“Today we were able to do great work for our community and have a little fun, and, at least to me, that is what IMPACT is all about.” Meredith Orton, 9, Sewing Kindness


“This experience was eye-opening to the type of conditions that over 50% of the world's population live in and made me even more appreciative for the blessings I am given. I hope to use my knowledge I gained from SIFAT to provide aid in overcoming poverty and the food crisis that is attacking people all over the globe.” Faith Aldridge, 11, SIFAT (Servants in Faith and Technology)


“I believe everything we learned is useful and everyone should have knowledge on how to defend themselves or how to be able to help others.” Hope Anderson, 9, Standing Firm


“The power of prayer has struck me this week - throughout the Hope campus they have 'Prayer Needs' whiteboards where they write prayer requests. The way God meets those requests is amazing and it has really reminded me of what prayer can do.” Jana Wrenn, 11, The Thrill of Hope

“It is fun to see how many options there are to express artistic ability. I think that food art is my favorite art form. I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn all the possible ways to express myself through art.” Jake Auton, 11, Wondrous Works