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Around Cornerstone: News

KSU iTeach Maker Bus Rolls onto the Cornerstone Campus


If you were on campus yesterday, you may have noticed a very colorful vehicle parked out front.  Cornerstone fourth grade teacher, Karen Serviss, coordinated with Kennesaw State University to give her students a very unique opportunity.   

The KSU iTeach Maker Bus is a 30 foot long mobile classroom and includes a 3D printer, a drone, a laser cutter, circuit kits and WiFi. 

It  provides students with a chance to experience a wide range of hands on learning.   This includes robotics, movie making, coding, engineering. The maker bus is utilized to teach multiple subjects while incorporating STEAM (science, technology, engineering art and math) subjects

The idea for the mobile classroom was a result of the week long Maker Camp at Kennesaw State for K-8th grade students and was unveiled in April 2018.  Leigh Martin, an education technology specialist in the Bagwell College was the project lead for the iTeach MakerBus. “This initiative is an inspiration to me. When you provide children with the things they need, the space to use them and the inspiration to get started, they see that they can learn anywhere.”   

Pictured below are some of the interactive stations offered. Our students constructed a Garden Loom that was donated to our school be used in the garden space. The loom can be a place where students weave things for birds and small mammals to eat or use for nesting as they study living things.  Making the loom utilized measuring, design, engineering and math skills.

“I really liked making the loom.”  Reed Morgan

In addition, Ozobot Coding Robots were used to explore coding and the students had a chance to code an activity for the Ozobot. 

“I loved the ozobots! I want one for Christmas!” 

-Asher Lee, 4th grade

Thank you to Kennesaw State University and the iTeach Maker Bus program for giving our Cornerstone students a wonderful day of learning outside the classroom walls. 

For more on the mobile classroom, visit https://news.kennesaw.edu/stories/2018/iteach_maker_bus.php