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Around Cornerstone: News

NED leads Cornerstone students on ‘Mindset Mission’

Last Thursday, Cornerstone elementary students were lucky enough to experience NED’s Mindset Mission show. Ned is a cartoon character whose name is an acronym for:

N: Never give up - the power of YET

E: Encourage others - spark courage in other people

D: Do your best - always be learning and growing 

During the assembly, our captivating performer, Olivia, kept the students engaged with funny gags and eye-popping tricks, while describing NED's journey to a Caribbean island, the top of Mount Everest, and outer space. Along the way, NED mingled with a Yeti, a pirate, and a ship full of aliens. Students also learned skills such as adding "yet" to any statement beginning with "I can't."

Throughout the performance, students discovered how to activate their growth mindset to overcome social, emotional, and academic challenges.

Our students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. Kindergarten teacher Doreen Buben said, “The speaker was awesome. She was engaging, funny, serious, relatable, and she had a lot of great tricks! She kept the students' attention the entire time while teaching such powerful and positive concepts.”  

Second grade teacher Emily Bobo added, "I loved having NED come talk to our students last week. We can all learn from NED and how to apply the power of YET: never give up, encourage others, and always do your best! Olivia kept us laughing the whole time; what a fun experience for all of us!" 

The program was brought to Cornerstone free of charge as part of NED’s Pay-It Forward program. NED-messaged yo-yos and accessories are available for purchase at Cornerstone from Nov 7-14. Money collected from these sales will help pay it forward so another school can experience NED’s Mindset Mission.

The last chance to purchase a yo-yo is Thu, Nov 14, in the Den during lunch. Click here for pricing.