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Around Cornerstone: News

Senior Raeah Woodson Advocates for Child Literacy Through Book Drive

Cornerstone seniors are required to complete a capstone project, during which they consider their God-given gifts, talents, interests, and passions as they explore a final in-depth service project. 

Components of the senior legacy project include:

  • Community service focused on a social impact cause
  • Written research paper and reflection
  • Adjudicated oral presentation

Leading up to graduation in May, we will be highlighting one senior legacy project each month. 

This month, we interviewed Raeah Woodson about her book drive to benefit Children Read and students attending Title I schools in metro Atlanta.

Tell us a little about your senior project.

My senior project is on child literacy and access to books. I work with an organization called Children Read in downtown Atlanta. They collect donated books, clean them, and take them to Title I schools in metro Atlanta. For my project, I am hosting a book drive and asking friends and family for donations. 

How long have you been volunteering with Children Read?

I started volunteering in August 2018 at the beginning of the school year. I wanted to start early so I could meet the organization owners. I  volunteer most Tuesdays and help clean, repair, and sort the donated books.

How did you first get connected to the organization? What initially sparked your passion for their cause?

During the summer, I searched for social impact causes online. One that stuck out to me was child literacy and ensuring that children have access to books outside of school. Access to books is important in a child’s reading and literacy development, and many lower income families do not have appropriate reading materials for their children at home. I was astounded to learn that 61 percent of low income families do not have any children’s books in their home. 

Growing up, my mom read to me and with me every day. It was always a treat to go to the library on Fridays. Therefore, I felt very connected to this cause. 

I then proceeded to search for organizations that I could work with for my project. This is what lead me to Children Read in Atlanta. 

What is your book drive goal and deadline? 

My book drive goal is 200 books; I have already collected 100. If anyone is interested in donating children’s prekindergarten and kindergarten books, they can bring them to me any time before March 20. 

Do you hope to make the book drive an annual event?

I would love to make this an annual event, but I am not sure if I will be attending college in Georgia. However, I plan to continue volunteering with this organization throughout the years during the summer.