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Around Cornerstone: News

2019 Yearbooks Dedicated to Coach Cagle and Mrs. Ramsey

The 2019 Cornerstone elementary and secondary yearbooks were dedicated to two very special people who have made a significant impact on our students and staff - Coach Bob Cagle and Mrs. Jennifer Ramsey. 

Read more about them and why they were selected below.

Secondary Yearbook Dedication: Coach Bob Cagle

Throughout God's Word, humility is uplifted as a fruit of a life dedicated to Christ. It is with humility that Coach Bob Cagle has given his life to direct students in the classroom, gym, and field, teaching lessons that extend beyond the confines of the four walls or fences. James 3:13 says, "Who is wise and understanding among you? Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom."

Coach Cagle's wisdom began at a young age. "He is the oldest of 4 children, and their daddy was Lt. Commander of the SS Intrepid, who died in a Navy plane crash when Bob had just turned 8. He became 'the man of the house' and helped raise his siblings," said his wife, Mrs. Kaye Cagle. The early responsibility was embraced through faith as he was saved at 14. "Going through old pictures has reconfirmed what an amazing man he is. He has led an amazing life of teaching both at schools and in churches, camps, retreats, FCA, etc. He even taught apologetics to a youth group in France. He is so humble that few people know of his accomplishments. 

"I am THRILLED he is being recognized by the annual staff!" said Mrs. Cagle. For his diligence, Coach is also appreciated by administration. Head of School Jeanne Borders said, "Coach Cagle is one of the icons around our campus. He's given his life to pouring into young people, elementary through high school. He's a teacher who truly loves the Lord, and he also loves everything he teaches, from elementary P.E. to videography and Health/BPE. He is always joyful, ready to serve, and prepared to teach."

It is this love and dedication that make students take notice. We dedicated The Rock 2019 to Coach, with love.


Elementary Yearbook Dedication: Mrs. Jennifer Ramsey

The incredible Mrs. Ramsey has been an assistant at Cornerstone for 3 years. She dives into everything wholeheartedly and the students just LOVE her! She keeps the Den in order when students go to have lunch. She said her favorite part about working at CPA is "getting to be around all the students." We love having her part of the CPA family!