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Around Cornerstone: News

Solid as a Rock

If you’ve been on campus lately, you’ve most likely seen a very vibrant addition out front!  

Seniors Kylie Phelps, Symone Gaskin, Alyssa Galvin, and Ashley Scott recently spent three (sweltering) hours painting this adorable theme. The entire mural consists of elements from “Up” the movie. The house theme was Kylie’s idea and was inspired by the high school House Council. Also, each of the balloons represents each house and its color.  

You’ll also notice a very special tribute on the lower left side of the rock. As you may know, this year has been very bittersweet for our school with the retirement of our Head of School, Jeanne Borders. We all strive to honor her legacy daily in everything we do, including painting the rock! Symone Gaskin adds “We were really excited to dedicate part of it to Mrs. Borders. We wanted to give her a constant reminder that she's in our prayers and that she has our support.”

If you’re unfamiliar with House Council, each of our high school students is inducted into one of eight houses that are led by staff leaders and student council members. Houses compete with each other to earn points throughout the year, and a house trophy is awarded at the end of the year to the house with the most points.

Next time you’re at school be sure to stop by and take a closer look!