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Campus News

Cornerstone Outdoor Classroom is Buzzing with Activity

The following story may seem familiar to you as it was just last September when we highlighted senior Caleb Pilgrim and his ambitious idea for his Eagle Scout project.

Read more about this massive undertaking and how our teachers and faculty are using this area to enhance the learning experience.

What God Says to Your Tears

If tears could speak, the ones from the last several days would tell a beautiful story about a sweet young lady.

Read more to learn how "The God of all comfort keeps watch over your weeping."

Cornerstone Chronicle Sep 9
For the majority of us at Cornerstone and around the world, the past six months have created a state of unrest and discomfort in our lives due to the uncertainty swirling around us.

Read more for some great tools, techniques, and insights for helping your family navigate our current circumstances.

Cornerstone Gives Parents Choice for Off-Campus Learning

This is an unprecedented time for schools and school administrators. Our Cornerstone administration recognizes that some families need the flexibility of keeping their students at home during these times of uncertainty. Find out more about the off-campus learner option and how our students and staff are adapting.

Young Entrepreneur Is As Bright As a Button

Benjamin Curry has big dreams and he’s making them happen. Did we mention that he’s only 11 years old? For this Cornerstone 6th-grade entrepreneur with an eye for design, starting a business came naturally.

Cornerstone Internship Program Helps to Develop Tomorrow’s Workforce

It’s inevitable that sometime during our school days we’ve all heard the phrase, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" The internship program at Cornerstone offers juniors and seniors the opportunity to explore numerous professions while gaining real-world experience.

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