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Cornerstone Alumna is Making Headlines at Valdosta State

Cornerstone Alumna is Making Headlines at Valdosta State

We love when we have the chance to catch up with some of our former Cornerstone Cougars! In the months ahead we look forward to updating you on several former Cornerstone alumni. If you are a former Cougar and would like to participate in an Alumni Spotlight, click here.  

Today we shine the spotlight on former Cornerstone cross country runner Samantha Murray: Murray was a member of the cross country team for Cornerstone from 2012-2018.  By the time she was in 11th grade, she was breaking records and these impressive paces led to an invitation to run on the Valdosta State University Cross Country Team where she currently runs now. 

“Samantha was always quiet and focused. She was not the type to ever slack off or take it easy at practice. Her achievements are the result of the hard work she put into running,” added cross country coach Jenny Ostell.  

This past fall, the Valdosta State women's team finished fourth among Division II schools. Junior, Samantha Murray was the first Blazer to cross the finish line and placed sixth overall amongst other Division II runners.  

What did you pursue after attending Cornerstone?

I am currently majoring in Biology at Valdosta State University.

Share your favorite Cornerstone Prep Memory:

I have many great memories from Cornerstone including cross country meets and soccer games, but one of my favorite memories is of my senior year IMPACT trip to Ecuador.

Tell us how you've seen God working in your life since graduation:

God has been working in my life by teaching me to trust Him more. In college, I realized very quickly that I would have to make more time to spend with God because I no longer had chapel every week and was not always surrounded by Christians. I have now found a church that I really like and have devotion time so that I can grow closer to Him.

How did your education at Cornerstone Prep prepare you for what you’re doing in college?

I chose biology as my major in college because of how much I liked the class when I took it at Cornerstone. Also, Cornerstone's English classes helped my writing improve, which benefited me when it came time to write papers in college.

What are some of your accomplishments at Valdosta State? 

This cross country season was a great season. I finally ran a PR (personal record) of 18:53 for the 5k, and I was 16th at the GSC Championship earning Second Team All-Conference. This also qualified me for a National Invitational meet in Lubbock, Texas.

What advice do you have for current students to make the most of their experience at Cornerstone Prep?

My advice for current students is to enjoy their time in high school. Many students, including me at the time, can't wait to graduate, but later you will realize that you should have enjoyed it more. Also, my advice is to get involved with sports and clubs, because these will be the things that you remember the most.

Murray currently holds several school records for Cornerstone Cross Country; they are posted on the wall outside the gym and have yet to be beat. To read more about Samantha Murray and the Valdosta State men's and women's cross country team click here.



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