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Citizen’s Police Academy Offers Unique Experience

Citizen’s Police Academy Offers Unique Experience

Cornerstone Head of School Marsha Robbins, along with senior Morgan Hansen, are fortunate to be spending twelve weeks participating in the Acworth Citizens Police Academy. Today, they share about this unique firsthand experience that expands the partnership between citizens and police and why they chose to attend.

Cornerstone Head of School, Marsha Robbins, and senior, Morgan Hansen.

The Acworth Citizens Police Academy is a 12-week program, offered each spring, during which citizens can learn more about the different divisions within the local police department, from patrol to criminal investigators to crime analysts to leadership and administrative personnel.  

Mrs. Robbins said, “I initially started looking into the Acworth Citizens Police Academy last spring. Upon taking office, the new Acworth police chief, Jesse Evans, invited the leaders of all Acworth public and private schools to meet with him. During this meeting, Chief Evans encouraged the school leaders to participate in the Acworth Citizens Police Academy as a way to get to know our local law enforcement and allow them to better know us and our schools.”

“I took forensics as my elective during my freshman year of high school and loved it," added Hansen. “For the longest time, I wanted to be a politician and work on Capitol Hill, yet the more I learned, the more I became fascinated with the police system in America. I have always loved helping people and knowing the 'why' to my many questions in life. When I initially heard about the Citizen's Police Academy, I knew that I wanted to learn about the inner workings of a police department. Television exaggerates and represents the Criminal Justice system poorly in most cases. Taking time to understand and know the true work that police officers do for their city is truly inspiring to me.”

Law and Order 

Topics have included policing: past-present-future, constitutional law, understanding the court system, investigations and crime scene analysis, traffic laws, drug awareness, gang awareness, human trafficking, and the Opioid Crisis, as well as, firearm training and practice.

“The most captivating part of the program so far was when the forensic investigators and analysts spoke," said Hansen. "The speaker was not much older than myself and she carried herself in a kind and gentle way. The way she spoke about her job as a forensic analyst was really encouraging to me. She feels as if she has a purpose and what she does helps save lives.”

In addition to the weekly classroom time, members of the 2024 Citizens Police Academy participate in a hands-on crime scene practical, crime incident simulator, and visits to the Cobb County Medical Examiner's Office and the Cobb County Real Time Crime Center.

A Possible Career Path

Hansen added, "After graduation, I plan to major in Criminal Justice with a minor in criminology or psychology at Kennesaw State University. I also plan to intern with the Acworth Police Department in the fall while I am in school. Once I graduate, I will be spending 11 weeks at the Police Academy, then I will be focused on a career in forensic investigation!" 

Better Together

“The Citizen’s Police Academy has taught me so much from the beginning of law enforcement in America to the process of a criminal case through the court system," added Hansen. "This experience was a blessing. It was eye-opening, thought-provoking, heart-opening, and I’m so thankful to have gone through this with Mrs. Robbins!” 

Robbins added, “While this experience has been informative and very engaging, my favorite part is that I have been able to share it with Cornerstone senior, Morgan Hansen. It has been a blessing to observe Morgan's passion as she explores possible career options for her future.”

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