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In Everything Give Thanks

In Everything Give Thanks


PTF members Mallory Wigington and Lily Edwards 
generously decorated the teacher's lunchroom with fall treats. 


As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, our wonderful PTF continues to bless our staff, this month featured a make-your-own trail mix station! Today, our Cornerstone family reflects upon thankfulness, what a good reminder for all of us to take stock of what matters. Expressing gratitude can motivate us to serve with a joyful heart. So this Thanksgiving, whether you see blessings overflowing in your life or you are struggling to find something to be thankful for, turn to Him, the one who blesses you with grace daily and who longs for you to praise Him in the midst of your struggle. Praise His name with a song and magnify Him with thanksgiving (Psalm 69:30) now and forever!    


The Wigington Family 

“Cornerstone is so much more than just a school to our family. From the first moment we walked through the door, we were drawn to an amazing feeling of belonging and of God’s love. We couldn’t have dreamed of a more amazing group of people with whom we are trusting the hearts and minds of our children! Our children are truly valued and loved at Cornerstone in a way for which we will forever be grateful. They, in return, absolutely adore their teachers and look forward to school every day! That would have been more than enough for us, but it did not stop there! The teachers, staff, and other parents have become some of our dearest friends, which has blessed us with a beautiful community to do life with. In a world where it is so easy to get lost in the white noise, we have found a place where people care, truly and deeply, about each other, bringing us closer together and demonstrating the beauty of the body of Christ! It has been so refreshing to our souls and our family feels incredibly blessed to be a small part of such an amazing community!


The Baker Family

“We are thankful that every staff member loves God and has a heart for their job rooted in Him. This changes the way we live, do our jobs and love others, and we are thankful our children are surrounded by and encouraged by this."


Hannah McCauley - Third Grade

“I am thankful for Ms. Conrey and Mrs. Satcher because they’re kind and make learning fun. We get to do cool projects, like digging up fossils with different tools and designing our own book report cereal boxes. I’m glad I go to a Christian school because I get to sing praise songs about God in chapel.”


Isaiah Dial- First Grade

“I am thankful for how my teachers are kind and helpful to me.”


Esther Holmes- Seventh Grade

“I love the teachers at Cornerstone because they are all so nice and caring.”


The Moore Family

“I am thankful for their genuine love for our family. How they care not just for their education, but for our well being.”


  Mae Sandru- First Grade

“I am thankful I get to pray at school.” 


Sammy Cabrera- Senior

 "I’m thankful for the community within this school! People who encourage and uplift others during and outside of school!"


The Gripshover Family

"The partnership between the teachers and parents is unparalleled and truly a gift. The encouragement, prayer over our children, and sincere kindness of the teachers, staff, and faculty put a parent's heart and mind at ease."  


Eve Ellison- Ninth Grade

"I’m thankful for CPA because I’ve made so many amazing friends, and I’ve loved my teachers because they are so friendly and caring and have taught me so much."


Sadie Sherwood- Fourth Grade

“I am thankful for my teachers because they are loving, kind, and so much fun!”


Cornerstone Preparatory Academy wishes you a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with God's blessings. Be sure to leave a comment below and tell us what you're most thankful for this year!

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