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Around Cornerstone: News

It Runs In The Family- Staff Spotlight



Cornerstone is a tight-knit community, one that feels like family. And for some of our teachers, they are quite literally, family! This week, we’re excited to share our interview with mother-daughter duo Karen Serviss and Erin Richardson who have been teaching at Cornerstone for many years.



Mrs. Erin Richardson- Secondary Pre-Algebra I and Pre-Algebra II

Oceanographer or Teacher?

Since the time I was a little girl, I knew what I wanted to be; either an oceanographer or a teacher. I grew up in Orlando, and SeaWorld was my favorite place to visit. I was obsessed with the orcas and had a passion for all sea life. On the other hand, I was also great with kids and always had a soft spot for them in my heart. My mom was a teacher and always told me it was the best job in the world. Considering that I wanted to eventually marry and have kids, teaching seemed like a much better fit. Enjoying summers and holidays off with my kids made my decision easy, so when it came time to decide on a major, I took the route of Early Childhood Education.  

The Early Years 

I started out at a small Christian school and needed to make more money to help support my family, so I got a job working at a local public middle school. In the meantime, my mom went back to teaching and worked at another local Christian school. She went on and on about how wonderful it was, and I knew I had to be there too. I eventually applied and got a job teaching Middle School Language Arts and Math. Nana, as we like to call her, was just down the hall from me teaching 4th grade. It was awesome! My children got to see Mom and Nana each day and we both got to enjoy their Field Days, Fun Runs, and so much more. 

The University-Model®

During this time, I kept hearing about this new University Model school called Cornerstone and knew friends that had sent their kids there. Every mention of the school was so positive, and I had to check it out! After much prayer, I knew I had to send my youngest there! Katie started in 10th grade, and I became an official Cornerstone parent. I loved everything about the school and, to my surprise, was asked if I too wanted to join the Cornerstone family as a Middle School Pre-Algebra teacher. My immediate response was YES!!! I was so excited! Now it was my turn to brag about my school to my mom. The more she heard, the more she was certain that she needed to come on over. After meeting with Mrs. Borders, Mom was offered a job teaching 3rd grade. Mom and I had taught together at another local school for nine years and are currently going on five years together at Cornerstone.

Erin and Katie Richardson('19)

Count Your Blessings

It has been awesome working together and having my kids attend the schools where we both worked was again an added blessing. On Tuesdays and Thursdays of her senior year, Katie would never miss an opportunity to pop into her Nana’s class to say hi. I know that meant the world to Mom.

Mrs. Karen Serviss-  4th Grade English and Science 

The worship song that is my morning alarm is, “God, You’re so Good”. It is a song that reminds  me that throughout my life, “I am blessed, I am called, I am healed, I am whole, I am saved in Jesus name!” Those blessings and calling are especially evident in my teaching career.

The Path To Cornerstone 

I was fortunate to be a stay at home mom when raising our 3 kids. When my son went to middle school in Orlando, I followed him! I was offered a job  teaching 6th grade Science at his school. When we moved back to Georgia, I spent 5 years taking care of Erin’s son, Patrick, while his mom, Erin Richardson taught full time. When Patrick went to kindergarten, I followed him to Vaughan Elementary in Cobb county. I was hired to teach 3rd grade, which I taught for 5 years. I started thinking it would be wonderful to teach at a Christian school so I applied. I was offered a job teaching 4th grade. My second year there, Erin and her two children followed me there. It was such a blessing to have us all there together. 

Answered Prayers

After seven years, I really did not want to work full time. Erin started teaching at Cornerstone, and she was always talking about how wonderful the school was! I really missed teaching so I interviewed with Jeanne Borders and prayed for an opening. I waited a year before Cornerstone needed to add an extra 3rd grade and I was hired. Answered prayer!

Down Memory Lane

My favorite memory each year has been Camp Day. My students have such a FUN time and it is a great way to end the school year. I can honestly say that I look forward to coming to school every day.

Interested in learning more about University Model ® Schooling and the family atmosphere it offers?  Click here and be sure to join us at our next information meeting on Wednesday, September 14 at 9 a.m. 

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