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It’s Our Story To Tell

It’s Our Story To Tell

A small team of student journalists have found a way to see their task of producing a yearbook as a way to minister to others. Today, they share the unexpected benefits of the journalism elective as they capture the Cornerstone story.

How can students minister in school through an elective class?

In Cornerstone’s journalism and yearbook elective, students have the opportunity to minister to other students. Journalism teacher, Mrs. Nguyen, always says that the yearbook class is a ministry, and students all agree. Having the ability to make deeper connections with students is something that they all love. They get to go and learn about other people and their opinions and feelings.   

“I enjoy talking and listening to students because I want to make them feel heard and I want to make them feel seen. Talking and interviewing someone, I feel, makes them feel noticed and appreciated. When I go out to interview people they always perk up and are very happy to be talked to. I like getting to know people and bonding with people. Being in the yearbook, I feel like I am friends with everyone which I really like,” said Celeste Whitney, 11.

The Unexpected Benefits of the Journalism Elective:

Encouragement & Relationships

Being on the yearbook staff also helps them to create relationships with faculty and the student body. The yearbook staff agrees that getting to match names to faces and know pieces of their personality is such a joy. Having and building relationships is so important. Students can take away so many new skills from journalism - how to communicate well, how to become a better writer, and how to be a diligent worker. Journalism is based on talking to people to get stories. By doing this, they’ve all become more creative and confident in their conversation skills. Taking what you learn from someone and writing about it takes a lot of effort but you learn how to write so well. 

Time Management

Producing a yearbook comes with deadlines. Finding time to fit it into their busy schedules has helped them become more productive and disciplined students. 

“I will be taking all of these skills I have learned from being on the yearbook staff with me. I now know how to ask questions well and get to know people better,” said Lacy Bowling, 12.  “We would recommend taking journalism because it has shaped us into who we are today. From our writing ability, our faith, our time management, and our teamwork we have matured and grown. Interviewing people for stories is fun and rewarding. You get to go out and hear different perspectives and how the student body feels. Designing pages and writing stories gives each of us satisfaction. While it is not an easy task, it is definitely worth it in the end,” added Bowling.


Seeing a finished page and even the finished book gives us a sense of pride and contentment. Not only does journalism help give us great writing skills, it also teaches about teamwork. Each person in the class has to pull their own weight in getting their stories and parts of the book done. We support each other every day. Whether it's a phone call encouraging one another or just simple words, “You’re doing great! Keep going,” we are there for each other. We support and help each other out whenever we can.

Final Product - More Than a Book

“When this year set out, we had a few major goals in mind. By far the biggest one was getting each and every student in the yearbook. We want to make everyone feel special,” said Ben Arp, 10. 

The class is more than just interviews and writing; they get to see real growth in students and friends, allowing them to get to know people well. Students rely on us, the yearbook staff, as a team to accurately reflect the entire year. 

Students expressed how it is more than a book, and how it holds their memories. “I love looking back on my memories from previous years,” said Avery Wall, 11. 

Accomplishing the huge task this year has been so rewarding for everyone on staff and they hope you will join them next year!  They’re so excited to reveal the yearbook on Friday morning at the Senior Legacy Chapel.

Hard work pays off. The dedicated team tells the story of the school year through the eyes of the student body. You can be a part of this ministry, it’s not too late to sign up for our journalism elective!!  Click here to contact Mrs. Nguyen to find out more. Even if this challenge is not for you, make sure that you are seeing your work ahead as an opportunity to serve others in whatever task the Lord has set before you.

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