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Rooted In Community

Rooted In Community

Looking for Community

Hi, I’m Jessica Parker! I’m married to my incredible husband, Phil, and together we have two beautiful kids, Brianna (5) and Brayden (3). In February 2020, my husband transitioned out of the Army, and our family moved from Fort Riley, Kansas to Kennesaw, Georgia. Our closest family lived in North Carolina, and we knew no one in the area. We had moved with the Army multiple times, but this move had many unique challenges that left me feeling lonely. I knew that I needed to find a community, however, I didn’t know where to start. BUT GOD, He knew exactly what I needed. 

The Parker Family

Small Groups, Big Impact 

In September 2020, I saw an article in a local magazine about a non-profit ministry called Rooted Moms. As soon as I read it I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. The mission of Rooted Moms is to provide practical resources, community, and encouragement that equip moms to become rooted in Christ. At that time, they were doing this by hosting online small groups. Rooted Moms Groups are online-based small groups of 5-10 women who meet weekly for the purpose of connecting and growing in their faith. I found a group that worked for my schedule and signed up! 

Rooted Mom Online Small Groups

A Life-Giving Community

I had been in small groups before but this one was different. The biggest thing was the Bible reading plan that Rooted Moms provided. It was a chronological reading plan, which I had never heard of. I thought you were just supposed to read the Bible cover to cover. But reading chronologically made so much more sense to me! Also, the structure of the plan was attainable for a busy new mom of two with just 2 chapters a day 5 days a week. But I truly believe the biggest difference this time around was the accountability I had from reading it with a life-giving community! I was reading along with other women who were encouraging me to press on. Who discussed the content, and walked through hard things with me. 

Digging Into His Word

To be honest I used to see reading my Bible as something I just had to do and viewed it as a box I needed to check off. But that first year of reading through the Bible showed me that reading God's Word isn't a chore. I now look forward to opening my Bible each day and seeing what God has for me! As I said before, God knew exactly what I needed. God provided me with not only a community but also a newfound love for digging into His word. After being in that group for a few months I became the co-lead and eventually joined the operations team. I now hold the position of Connections Director. Our operations team is made up of moms who desire to share what we’ve experienced— the life-changing power of being rooted in Jesus.

“We believe the abundant life we long for is achieved not by striving harder, but by abiding more deeply in Christ.” 

The Rooted Mom’s Operations Team

Rooted Moms Resources

At Rooted Moms we provide resources, community, and encouragement that equip moms to get— and remain— rooted. Our resources include practical Bible reading plans for moms AND their kids, accompanying study guides to help them grow in God's Word and apply it to their everyday lives, and printable guides that help overcome common hurdles to implementing practices that promote spiritual growth. 

There are many ways to get plugged in!

  • Rooted and Growing 52-week Bible Reading Plan, click here. 
  • Rooted Kids guides that go hand-in-hand with our Rooted Moms reading plans, click here
  • If you are interested in joining a group and finding community, click here.  
  • Rooted: A 52-Week Bible Reading Plan and Study Guide— Vol. 2 click here.
  • To start your own group either online or in your community please email

Why Cornerstone?

My daughter Brianna started kindergarten at Cornerstone only six weeks ago and we have already seen so many benefits of the University-Model® way of schooling. When my husband and I started looking into schools for our kids, we knew we wanted an option where they would have the opportunity to grow in their faith and find a life-giving community. We also had a desire to have an active role in their education. We started researching local options and then discovered Cornerstone. After learning more and attending an Information Meeting we immediately knew this could be it! 

Brianna with her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Caskey


Since Brianna started, we have already seen her confidence grow not only in academics but also in her prayer life. We love that we are able to be with Brianna far more often, yet she also gets to grow to know God and be poured into by the community at Cornerstone who love Jesus. Adjusting to the new routine has had its challenges for sure, but the encouragement we have found here helps us push through. We are looking forward to having our three-year-old, Brayden join the Cornerstone family one day, too. 

Through small class sizes, an abundance of student activities, and intentional parent partnership, Cornerstone is more than just a school. It’s a family. Come discover the Cornerstone difference at our next Information Meeting on Tuesday, October 10, or click here to learn more about Cornerstone. 



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