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Staff Spotlight: Family Matters

Staff Spotlight: Family Matters

Emily Bobo and Amanda Winkler were born at Kennestone Hospital, where their parents met, and they were raised right here in Acworth. Their parents still live in the house where they were raised. With both of their parents formerly in the medical field (dad formerly a Respiratory Therapist, mom a Registered Nurse) and two of their aunts working as nurses, it shocked a few people when they both decided to become teachers. And now, they both teach right here at Cornerstone! 

Pictured from left to right- Mrs. Winkler (1st grade), Haley Winkler(2), Hannah Winkler(5), and Mrs. Bobo (5th grade.) 

Fun fact: This is not their first time working together! Mrs. Winkler’s first job was at Bruster’s Ice Cream. In true “little sister” fashion, Mrs. Bobo wanted to do everything she did, so she also applied and got her first job there, too! This was a time before smartphones, so they don’t have any photos together from working there. You can rest assured it was a fun place to work! Can you imagine eating ice cream every time you went to work? 

After high school, Mrs. Winkler stayed local, living at home in Acworth to attend Kennesaw State University to gain her Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education. Mrs. Bobo moved to Milledgeville to attend Georgia College & State University to get her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and her Master of Arts in Teaching. After getting married, Mrs. Bobo moved just a few minutes up the road from Mrs. Winkler!

They currently live ten minutes apart from each other. They attend different Baptist churches and find enjoyment in different activities. Mrs. Bobo is a competitive clogger on the PowerTaps team in Woodstock, and Mrs. Winkler enjoys running. 

How did you come to Cornerstone?

Mrs. Winkler: I first found out about Cornerstone from some friends at church that started pursuing the idea of starting a University Model® School in Canton, Georgia. I hopped on board and was excited and hopeful to teach there. I had met Mrs. Borders a few times at the interest meetings since she was helping the group take off. When the school fell through, Mrs. Borders encouraged me to come to talk to her and Mrs. Pat Burton about Cornerstone. They were fully staffed already, but when an opening occurred early in the school year, they reached out! I started teaching first grade in October 2013, so I’m starting my 10th school year at Cornerstone! I have taught first grade for my tenure here. I also teach electives including technology electives, Bible, and Cheerleading!

Mrs. Bobo: Mrs. Winkler loved working at Cornerstone! There is so much to be said about working for a Christ-centered school that allows its teachers to focus on teaching from a Biblical worldview. After hearing how much she loved teaching here, I put my application in. There weren’t any openings at the time, but a few months later, in the summer of 2019, God opened a door for me to join the CPA family. It has been such a blessing! I have taught 5th-grade English since I began, and I have taught several technology electives. This year, I have added Cheerleading and Girls Bible! 

What is something you love about Cornerstone?

Mrs. Winkler: God made it so clear that my girls needed to attend Cornerstone, and He confirms it for us each year! We LOVE spending so much time together. Both my girls enjoy working with me at home and taking breaks together! With my husband's schedule as a firefighter, it works out great for him to see the girls a little more, too!

Mrs. Bobo: This year, we had the joy of coaching the cheerleaders on the sidelines together for flag football season! It has been so much fun working together. Although we don't see each other much during the school day, we always get to catch up after school. Even when we are off school, we are often on the phone or hanging out in person. I am so lucky to have my sister as my best friend! 

Mrs. Winkler, what made you decide to be the captain of our Cornerstone Gobble Jog team?

In 2010, my mom, sister, and I did the Gobble Jog together for the first time! The 3 of us did it again in 2011 and in 2012, Hannah joined us when she was 5 months old. 2013 was the coldest Thanksgiving ever, but the 3 of us did it! We participated every year until 2018 when I decided on a goal to accomplish “The Triple Peach” which consists of the Peachtree Road Race, PNC 10 Miler, and the Thanksgiving Day Half. I still signed up for the Gobble Jog, though!  

To register for the Gobble Jog, click here and join the Cornerstone Prep team.  Even if you can’t be AT the Gobble Jog, we encourage you to sign up. It’s for a great cause, and who doesn’t like wearing jeans and a t-shirt to school?! Mrs. Winkler will make sure to get your shirt to Cornerstone by Tuesday morning so you can wear it the Tuesday or Wednesday after Thanksgiving break! 

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