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Around Cornerstone: News

Thank You for Making a Difference This Thanksgiving


“…let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,” 
Hebrews 12:1

On Thanksgiving morning, more than 10,000 runners gathered in Marietta Square to participate in the 20th annual Gobble Jog, benefitting MUST Ministries. Participants come from all over the country to participate in the run with their families and friends. The race benefits MUST Ministries, a non-profit that helps approximately 32,000 people in need each year by providing food, clothing, shelter, job training, and more. MUST addresses the basic needs of individuals, families, and children in the Northwest Metropolitan Atlanta communities of Cobb and Cherokee counties. 

Cornerstone kindergarten student, Colton Edwards, along with Gobble Jog mascot and Colton’s class pet, Hootie!

Run the Race Set Before Us

Among those participating in this year's Gobble Jog was Cornerstone mom, Meredith Pitts. For those that don’t know, Meredith was headed home on the evening of Tuesday, March 30, 2021, when she was involved in a head-on collision with a drunk driver just a few miles from her home. Her report from Kennestone hospital says it was a Tier 1 trauma, the highest-ranking. Most concerning were collapsed lungs, two broken femurs, damaged carotid artery, cracked vertebrate, and a lacerated liver. Chest tubes were inserted and surgery to repair the femurs was performed two days later. She spent six days in ICU, three days in a regular hospital room, 12 days in an in-patient rehab unit, and it’s been a long road to recovery since then. 

Meredith Pitts asked friend and Cornerstone Elementary front office manager, Miranda Carr, to come alongside her and walk the Gobble Jog 5k. Miranda immediately said “Yes!' ”  

“When one of your best friends asks you to come alongside her and walk a 5k on Thanksgiving morning - you say ‘Yes!’ ” exclaimed Miranda. “I am here to tell you that when you almost lose a friend to a head-on collision with a drunk driver, you say yes. When you have prayed for her and her family for months, you say yes. When you have watched her physically push through goal after goal, multiple surgeries, emotional healing, and hurdles of doing normal daily activities that were not hard but now are hard, chronic pain, spiritual growth, and realizations that always bring her right back to the rock-solid foundation of our Lord, you say yes.”

Meredith Pitts and Miranda Carr 

“Not only did she walk a 5k, but as we approached the finish line she looked over at me and said ‘Oh, there is the finish line, I think I want to run over the finish line. Do you want to do that, do you think I can do that?’  And, I let out a resounding, ‘YES!’ I locked arms with her, we shed tears, and I cheered her on as I have never cheered anyone on ever before as we both RAN across that Gobble Jog 5k finish line! To say I am so proud of her is a huge understatement. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She is a wonderful sister in Christ, a phenomenal wife, a wonderful momma, and I just love her so very much,” boasted Carr.

“I also had the privilege to watch my daughter, Ella, complete her first Gobble Jog with her sweet friends, as well,” added Carr.  “We were part of the largest team and it continually kept coming to my mind, ‘Lord you are so so so good and I thank you for the strength that only comes from You to run the race before us, whether it be something as small as the 2022 Gobble Jog 5k or this crazy wonderful thing we call life.’” 

Cornerstone students participating in the Gobble Jog

Second to None

This year, Cornerstone hit our goal of 75 participants, the largest group at the Gobble Jog! Plenty of extended family members, Cornerstone alumni, and previous families joined our team. As always, some families missed the picture, and others got cut out of the frame! We also had numerous phantom runners who were unable to be at the race but still contributed to the wonderful work that MUST ministries is doing for those in our community.  Click here to check out all the sights and sounds from the day!  

Cornerstone Prep team with their award for the group with the most participants! 

An Annual Tradition

Also participating on the Cornerstone Gobble jog team was Cornerstone first grade teacher and mom, Amanda Winkler. This was her 13th year participating, and first year as Cornerstone team captain. When asked what draws her to this event each Thanksgiving, she shared, "the atmosphere is so exciting! Most participants dress in festive attire or wear their Gobble Jog shirts. Most everyone is happy and excited to get started with the race! Each mile is wonderful. Locals are blasting music, tooting horns, and clapping for you as you trot by. Numerous houses are decorated to make you smile and enjoy the festive atmosphere. If you finish early enough (or if you’re brave enough to enjoy it before the race), there is FREE Starbucks hot chocolate and coffee!" 

Pictured left to right; Amanda Winkler, Jana Drennan, and Miranda Carr

Thanks to you, Cornerstone Prep earned a coveted spot on the back of the Gobble Jog t-shirt once again! More importantly, we helped MUST Ministries raise support for the important work they do in our community. We would love to see even more participation next year! Remember, you can start signing up at the end of August. Go ahead and mark your calendars and let’s go for 80 Cornerstone Prep Gobble Jog Team Members in 2023! 

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